7 Months


Its been 7 months since I’ve seen my dog Harley. I know now that she is okay to some degree and that she seems happy, at least I hope she is. I have been lucky enough to see a few scant pictures of her which I do appreciate but don’t have much information on her other than that. I miss her still everyday and still wish I could see her. Instead of writing some long blog post that does nothing but Β help me release some of the pain and frustration of not seeing her as well as infuriate other people I decided to just post 2 videos that I have taken over the years while Harley and I did various things. I watch these often so I can remember some of the best times of my life. Thanks for watching and sharing.

This first video is of Harley at our last Christmas together.

Harley and Hermes at the park. Shes old and still can out run her little brother


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