Ready for school


In just a few short weeks, I will be gracing the campus of Grand Valley State again for yet another fall semester. I took this summer off to travel, write, get Running Northwest back out and happy and write the next novel All The Roads Home . I am used to having a very tight schedule with classes, homework, working at the diner on weekends and writing. This summer having 4 days off in a row took some getting used to. I found myself occasionally procrastinating when I should have been hard at work writing and reading books for reviewing.

It was a nice break but now I am ready to go back with a full tank of gas. I am halfway through my junior year and about a semester behind from where I want to be so I will be picking up another class in the winter and then taking a full load again next summer. I’m in the home stretch and know how to balance school and writing better than I did before. I think I’m ready for the year round madness again until I graduate and decide on grad school.  I honestly miss college, the classes and the stress….weird isn’t it.

So now I’m eyeballing school supplies, spending budgets, planning on what bills to pay and when and making lists of things I need and want. I am also debating on getting a new laptop this fall or wait until January.  I’m thinking  about getting a kindle fire HD or some other non-apple tablet since I have been convinced by my techy friends and friends in the writing world it will make life easier. Who knows what I will do. I might go down to Florida for a weekend before classes start and hang out with mom. But at any rate i’m rather excited about the next  year and half  of school.



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