The End of a Story

2nd edition print cover

All through this long drawn out process with Running Northwest, through all the various edits and editors there was something that never sat quiet right with me…and that was the ending. An author should like the ending to his own novel right? I suppose though after reading it over multiple times and talking about it with people the idea that ending wasnt enough crept into my mind. That it was missing something.

During the original writing process prior to the publishing of the much-maligned 1st edition I wrote an alternate ending. It sat there in a file on my computer and external hard drive for almost 2 years now. I problem was that I REALLY liked it but I was not sure if anyone else would. So there was an ending to story with no story beginning…how sad is that. I published the 1st and 2nd edition with the ending it has had. The people who read it seemed to like it allot.

I like open endings in stories and movies especially when it comes to love. Endings that make you wonder what happens next. Love is imperfect and surprising and never ever ends up tied perfectly in bow…love always makes you wonder what happens next…or I think it does. Do things really work out or not? This isn’t 1940’s America and divorce is now normal, many of my friends are single parents, some are single people with no kids. Despite all of this people date, single guys with no kids date single mothers WITH kids and vice versa. They do not always work out into happily ever after. Marriages don’t always work and often do not, but I suppose it’s the hope that it might or could that keep people trying.

Running Northwest, is about a single father and businessman raising a son on his own in a small town in Oregon while attempting to date again and imagining love in his life after losing it. However, it is about more than that. It’s about friendships, relationships and fate and how all those wonderful things come together to move mountains for 3 people. Despite Thomas being the main character all the characters play an important role especially so when it comes to Ann and Ben. I felt I just left them hanging in chapter 41 on the beach standing alone with no point….wandering. And seeing older folk wander aimlessly is no fun is it.

With this whole process of re-editing, it has given me the chance to rethink things. It allowed me to revisit the ending. I want this to be the very last chance I do this with Running Northwest especially since I’m nearly halfway thru writing All The Roads Home. So I wanted RNW to have the ending I always thought it deserved and now with a little help from my editor I finally have that ending. I guess despite the huge pain in the ass this has been since March 2012 everything happens for a reason? I realize I am taking a huge risk changing the ending at this point in time after thousands of people have already downloaded the ebook before. I think….or hope I guess that this new ending will be more to there liking.

So please keep an eye out for Running Northwest even if you have read it before since I changed the ending. I can’t wait to hear what you think. The re-release is coming soon!

2 thoughts on “The End of a Story

  1. Very Cool!!!! That’s all I can say. I am so excited for you and I know this is going to be the hit it should have always been. 🙂

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