Running Northwest Edits and the 3rd edition

Anyone who is familiar with this blog knows of the issues I have had my first novel Running Northwest regarding the editing. For those of you who are not I’ll give you the quick version. In March 2012 I first published Running Northwest with I was told was a good editing job, less than 2 months later I realized it was terrible and pulled it (personal notes were included). Then I sought out new editing help, relying on who I could and some that I should not have since their follow through was non-existent. I did what I could and used a mishmash of people to help me with the editing since money was tight at that time. I released the 2nd edition in august 2012  (eBook and print) and it was much better but still full of issues which some reviewers took great care in highlighting publicly on occasion. It was embarrassing and the whole damn process made me want to quit…..

1st edition cover
1st edition cover

After stressing and thinking about it for months, dealing with hopeless personal issues and hoping for who knows what the fuck else I decided to push through, find a new better and more capable editor and work on the 3rd edition. This all happened while I was in school full time, work part time, trying to write the next novel and work on other projects. Then I found Casie, someone who I have known for 2 decades now and whom I learned over the last few months as a very talented editor. She knew how I had been burned before with editing and knew I was freaked out about the whole thing. Nevertheless, slowly she gained my trust and I in the spirit and words of Oscar Wilde “I’ll leave you to tidy up the woulds and should, wills and shalls, that’s and whiches”

Working with her despite the long distance between Michigan and Arizona was seamless…thank god for the internet. The whole experience was something that I had been looking for, someone I could trust and depend on and who actually did what they said they would do. In her case, she did more than I expected. I am better for it as a writer since I learned a lot from her and my novel, Running Northwest is better for it. If I could have her edit, everything I ever write I probably would.

2nd edition print cover
2nd edition print cover
2nd edition eBook cover
2nd edition eBook cover

It is interesting, the things you learn in this business of being a writer. It’s not unlike other business experience from my past. You learn the rights, wrongs and grey areas, who you can trust and who you cannot. You question yourself while having others constantly question you and your abilities and talents. You realize those who do really support you and those who pretend to all while you persevere and push forward with your dream and your goals.

So now, things are nearing completion and the finishing touches are being put on the 3rd and final version of my novel Running Northwest. I am happy about it and proud for my book and myself. I hope you read it again or give it a second chance if you had issues with it before. MY grammar on my blog is still as horrible as ever but it’s just part of my effervescent personality yes? Maybe now, with my first novel something that I slaved over for nearly half a decade the grammar police and “pedants” as Stephen Fry calls them will back off just a little bit….just a little. Maybe people will finally be able to see the wonderful story that others have seen and enjoyed while some have completely missed because their focus on reading were taken away by the errors.

Its been a hell of process and if I’ve learned one thing, it is to surround yourself with a team you can trust and people who have faith in your goals, future and dreams and not people who are lazy, negative and hell bent on dredging up the past.

I will be announcing the re-release date of Running Northwest soon.


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