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The other night I was sitting outside on the deck writing and working on the 2nd novel which I’m planning on releasing this fall. I was typing away and…there it was, that moment that I assume every author hopes for when we are working on a project. It was that moment when the story you are working on just comes together and feels like it’s more than just a bunch of words and letters. That wonderful “aahaa” or “hell yeah” or in my case that “Fuck Yea!!!” moment which probably comes at different times for different authors in the process of writing. For me it came at chapter 15. I remember when it happened when I was writing my first novel Running Northwest; I think it was chapter 21.

For authors, writing a book or even a short story feels like raising a child and when that child starts to really show its stuff it is a wonderful feeling.  When I hit that moment sitting on the deck and reading over what I just wrote I had to keep writing…I had to keep going. I felt IT and knew it was there, I was in a groove the author’s danger zone * insert Kenny Loggins The Danger Zone* and my mind and fingers were on fire. It is a great feeling to have. I am really quiet happy where this is going, how the story is developing and in the next blog I will post a sample chapter from my next novel All The Roads Home.

**This is currently the working title only and is subject to change before it is released****

*** This is in no way the final cover, I just whipped this up to get it out there. Victor Fuentes who did the cover design for Running Northwest will once again be handling this important task****

test cover 2


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