Vacations, Postcards and Technology


Even with how connected we are these days with laptops, smart phone and tablet some old-fashioned things are still endearing to me. Some people on vacations buy many things some can be very large like paintings, sculptures and what not. I myself buy post cards, pins, those little vinyl stickers you see on cars and occasionally iron on patches. I have gotten quite the collection of things so far on my travels but post cards in particular are my thing. Currently I have about 200 hundred of them maybe more if you include ones I got and received when I was younger.


I won’t lie I often use my cell phone while on vacation and take pics, instantly uploading a few to my Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Instagram and even my blog sometimes just like most people do now. However, that is just a picture, does not mean much, and is not very personal to someone viewing it usually. You might get 20 likes on pic but the experience and sharing that with just one person at a distance doesn’t transfer. When I was younger getting a post card from a relative or my parents when they were on vacation was epic to me, it was like gold. It is part of the reason why Daniel a character in my first novel Running Northwest was so overjoyed about getting a post card from his grandma and so eager to show it off at school. That bit was a little ode to my childhood when life was simpler because I was that kid.

Despite my use of modern technology on travels, one of my favorite things to do is still send post cards. When I go into a gift shop wherever I am, postcards are usually the first thing I look for. Generally, I grab a few for my collection and then a few to send and always have certain people in mind when I am picking them out. My niece is almost in 2nd grade now and she loves getting these in the mail now that she can read them. Part of the reason I love sending postcards is because I CAN make them personal for someone. I can take the time and describe what I am doing, seeing, feeling and share the experience so whoever is reading it knows it is just for them.  The picture on the front of the card combined with words written on the back connects 2 people in one place, in one moment in time….forever. Assuming you or they keep the post cards. It is a mutually beneficial and rewarding thing that can be enjoyed 20-30 years down the road.

I am sure for people younger than me this is terribly old school and ridiculous. Just like writing hand, written letters in the mail is thought of in the same light…but dammit I like doing it!


So my question for the reader, Do you send postcards still? What is your favorite post card you have gotten from someone who was on vacation and where was it from?



5 thoughts on “Vacations, Postcards and Technology

  1. I love postcards. I used to receive some from my mom’s friend who used to travel a lot. Also, my friend’s uncle would send both my friend and I some postcards whenever he’d travel. It was awesome! Later on I had a friend who would still send a postcard here and there, but lately that has changed. No more postcards…

    1. It is sad, its like things have just gotten to easy sometimes. But yea it seems over the years I have gotten less and less postcards. ill send postcards to anyone lol

  2. Postcards were very popular when I was younger and I was always thrilled to send and receive them. Unfortunately, they are seldom used these days. I can’t remember the last time I received one. Everything is becoming digital 😦

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