Cocoa Beach Nights

Cocoa Beach

This is part of my continuing blog during my road trip down to the SE part of the United States.

Last night, after a long day with my mother at Kennedy Space Center I went for a walk on the beach alone. Our hotel was one condominium away from the beach and not bad for a Baymont Inn.  We were staying Cocoa Beach, a city I never been to before and do not have very many nice things to say about it ( I am sure some people enjoy it a lot). It’s just a little busy and little commercial for my own liking. Since I am down here in Florida visiting mom, we took a 2-day trip and spent it on the other side of the state. This trip taught me a few things….one of which traveling with my mom alone can be draining on my nerves and patience. Like I said, we spent 2 days at Kennedy Space Center but I will blog about that on another blog since that deserves something all of its own and it maybe even a 2-part blog since there is just so much to talk about.

About midnight I really needed some ME time so I made my way down the private path to the beach and took a walk. I found myself alone on the beach with no one else around. The waves were breaking low on the shore and created these amazing thin sheen’s of water on the sand which my bare ( and sunburned) hobbit feet found happiness splashing around in. It reminded me in a way of how the beach in Cannon Beach, Oregon looks. With cup of coffee and cigarette in hand I walked maybe 200 yards or so and plopped my ass down on the sand. Above me was a sky full of clouds and very little light around me.

CC BEach

The great thing about the eastern coast of Florida this time of year (May) is that it is Sea Turtle season. During this season up and down a large portion of the east coast female sea turtles crawl onto the beach and lay their eggs bringing forth the next generation of these wonderfully peaceful creatures. Since it is egg-laying season, any hotels or condominiums on the beach cannot have lights on because it will scare the turtles away. I was hoping to see these ocean loving girls crawl onto the beach but I had no such luck. Maybe another night or another trip. However, the rules on lights provided me with a few other wonderful things.


It started with one or two shooting stars then a few more and I was like “What the hell”. So I looked it up on my phone and sure as shit there was a meteor shower which was peaking just prior to me getting there. The shower is called the Eta Aquarid meteor shower and is spawned by Halley’s Comet.  I have missed the last few of these showers when I was up in Michigan due to clouds and was thrilled to see them last night.

Then as I sat there in the sand enjoying my cheap but enjoyable hotel coffee out in the distance, over the ocean somewhere I kept seeing a flash in a certain area of the horizon to the NE. Eventually I realized it was a decent sized thunderstorm storm out over the Atlantic Ocean. I wasn’t sure how far away it was then but I found out later it was about 330 miles away at that point. That was something that kind of amazed me. I could see lighting streaking from the cloud and the cloud itself light up like a bomb. Anyone who knows me knows I do love a good storm and the fact that it was many many miles away from me wasn’t an issue. It was just as enjoyable for me even from the great distance. From the way it was lighting up the sky, you would have thought it was only a few miles off shore.

CC Beach 2
wasn’t supposed to do this but I tried to take a pic of the ocean

Sitting there surrounded by the massive sky filled with stars, streaking meteors, and then the gigantic ocean in front of me I felt very very small…but very very at ease. I sat there and walked alone for nearly an hour and half. The entire time I only saw 2 other people who were far up the beach and walking away from me and then a few beach birds to keep me company. I loved every bit of it, sometimes being alone is necessary for me and sometimes it is not. Yeah it would have been nice to have someone to talk to and enjoy it with but I think being alone and lost in thought on that dark beach was something I needed.  I went back to the room and did some of the best writing I have done in weeks. I do not know what it is about the ocean that I love so much but I feel so much happier when I am near it. As I was walking barefoot in the wet sand and the surf was crashing down 40 yards away from me, I had an immense feeling of calmness come over me. My brain was able to slow down for a little bit and just exist without worry and stress.  I do not have the same feeling in most places in Michigan where I live now. That is what this trip is really about for me.

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3 thoughts on “Cocoa Beach Nights

  1. I know what you mean about the ocean having a calming effect on your soul. I miss the sound and the feel of the waves lapping over your feet. The feel of the wet sand between your toes as your feet ever so slowly sink into the sand. The feel of the salt water and the smell of the salt air. There is nothing like it. I assume it is almost the same in Oregon. I have enjoyed your blogs very much. They give me some insight into what and how you are viewing what is important to you at the moment. Thanks

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