Been a rough week

Its been a rough week for the melville clan. My uncle Scott died. Although he wasn’t technically my uncle, I have known him all my life. He was my dads best friend, best man , fellow softball player among other things. Scott or Doug to some was a unique guy but almost always had a smile on his face and he had no issue saying exactly what he thought. His health in the the last year got worse and even worse recently with persistent heart problems.

I’m going to miss having coffee with him and my dad listening to them go back and forth harassing each other and narking each other out on the bullshit they did growing up. I learned more about my dad from Scott than I ever knew.
My dad isn’t taking it well….he’s doing his normal dad thing though and trying to act like it doesn’t affect him but I think its making him think about his own life since Scott was only 2 months older than he is. During the end there was a few times where I could tell it was getting to dad.
I think of his youngest son Quinton who is 19 and a new father who will miss out on a lot with his dad. Things that i can do with mine. He’s. Good kid, smart. Scott was proud of him and his other kids

. I’ll miss my uncle but I’ll miss my dad having good friend since these days they are growing fewer and fewer.


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