An update on my novel Running Northwest



I just wanted to put some news out there concerning my first novel Running Northwest and what is going on with it. I took many of the Amazon reviews for Running Northwest from here in the USA and over in the UK under careful consideration as well as listening to advice from people I trust when it comes to writing and novels. This led me to search out a new editor and have RNW gone over one last time. I want RNW to be the best I can make it and it was not quite there yet it seems…it happens.

I have not decided yet if this new and FINAL round of editing will lead to a 3rd edition or just an updated second edition and when I decide this, I will let everyone know. I have found myself a great new editor who is extremely competent, reliable and is hard at work going over and fixing issues with the second edition of the book, which is currently still available. So far, I am completely thrilled with how things are going and how well she and I are able to work together despite the distance since she lives in the SW part of America.

When it is done and ready I will be doing a free giveaway on Amazon for the Kindle eBook as well as a free giveaway of a signed copy of the paperback version probably through

I want to say thank you though, too all the people who picked up Running Northwest and read it already or will at some point. I appreciate all the advice and reviews that my first novel and I received even the ones that were not so kind. I cannot wait until it is done and hear what the readers think of it. Currently I am hard at work, albeit it slowly, writing my next novel which I have not titled yet and as time goes on I will let people in on that as well as post a chapter of that novel. Click on the pictures below to find me on Twitter or my Facebook page for my writing and please Follow or Like me.



Keep on Keeping on

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5 thoughts on “An update on my novel Running Northwest

  1. I had to reload to login and my comment evaporated.
    Anyway, just wanted to say I’m really glad you’re editing the book again. I know it had been edited before but there were still too many little things to fix in it. I was going to talk to you about them, but I wanted to finish reading the book first.
    If you need help with anything, let me know. If you need feedback or something, or just an extra pair of eyes, I’m here. I guess that’s what I love about creative writing workshops, it’s the feedback we get. Some we can discard, of course, but others will make us think about and will help us improve our work.
    Anyway, I’m really excited about this and can’t wait to see the 3rd edition.

    1. Thanks Red I appreciate that. Since this isn’t the first time this happened I am less embarrassed like I was before and more annoyed now if that makes sense If it was 1 or 2 complaints about grammar and stuff I would ignore it i think but I’ve gotten a decent amount. I guess one thing that keeps me positive is the overall positive feedback I’ve gotten from readers on the story in general. Errors and little issues can be handled but if people just hated the story that would be hard to deal lol. Thanks for the offer of another set of eyes. I may take you up on that. I adore you for at least continuing on reading it despite the issues.

      1. I do know what you mean. And just so you know, I was annoyed as well. Not at the mistakes, but at the fact that people didn’t see them. It’s hard, as a writer, to spot the small things because you know exactly what you want to say, but anyone editing a novel has to be able to spot them. Anyway, I kept reading the story because it’s interesting. I want to know what happens to the characters. Things start getting complicating and you start rooting for them, you know. I’m looking forward to helping you with anything I can.

      2. Yep i get that totally. Its part of the reason why I had my new editor just read RNW first before she set out editing it. I wanted her to not just see it from a technical standpoint but also understand what I what I was trying to convey to the reader. Its like you said “i know what I meant”

  2. I’m really glad you’re doing that. As I was reading the book I felt really sad seeing how many little things there were to be fixed. I have to admit that they do bother me, and I was thinking about what to say to you.
    I’m glad you found someone who can do a good job. If you need anything let me know. If you need someone to read something and give you feedback or something I’m here for you. I think that’s what I love the most about creative writing workshops, is how you can get a variety of people who give you feedback on your story. Then you have to think about them. Some you’ll just discard as just an opinion, but some will make you think and help you improve.
    Anyway, anything you need, I’m here.

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