Mike and his zany travel adventures

The weirdest things happen to me when I travel especially alone. I am sitting in my room, a bottle of wine freshly opened, showered and sitting in my towel and ready to start writing. My laptop was open and I went to plug in my cell phone to charge and poof….my room that had every light on goes black. I cannot see shit. Somehow…someway I blew the power in my room.

So there I am sitting in nothing but a white towel that was not exactly big enough at the desk in my room and I could not see anything. I found the room phone, called the front desk, and told the girl what was going on. The very nice girl who was very understanding who felt bad switched me to different room 2 doors down, and said she would be right up to bring me new room keys. So there I am in my towel scurrying to put actual clothes on, find my shit in the dark and pack it up in some way that did not make me look like a loser as I stammer around the room with a glass of vino in my hand.

About 5 minutes later a huge friggen dude shows up with new keys, checks the new room and looks at me like I’m insane. He helped me carry my shit to the new room and everything was okay after that. Who the hell blows the power in there hotel room…this isn’t like a Super 8 or something it’s a damn Marriott in downtown Chicago 2 blocks away from Michigan avenue…things like this don’t normally happen here. I think the guy saw my underwear…..IMG_20130126_121633_930


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