Knowing when to bench a project

In writing as in life, you have to learn to pick your battles. You have to figure out what goals are attainable and learn to put things on the shelf. For now, I am doing that with Ashes On Water. I have been hammering away at this for months and months and its coming slowly. I was experimenting with a new writing format for me, which would be writing a novel in the first person.  It has been immensely frustrating for me. I guess you could call this the sophomore curse of a novelist.


The concept of Ashes on Water was about a man taking a cross-country trip in order to relive a life experience from earlier in life as well as say goodbye to a friend who joined him on that original journey but had died. I wanted the story to be told through his eyes and his feelings and thoughts; to really get into his head and emotions. This was far trickier than I had expected it to be.

Part of the way I write sometimes is similar to method acting so I guess you could call this method writing. Where I as the writer put my mind into the character at least while I am doing research, I want to feel what I am going to write, and see it in my mind. It is even hard to talk about this idea clearly without just giving away the whole idea so I am just going to assume you sort of get what I mean. I am not giving up on Ashes, I think it will be a great story just based on the idea, aspect of chapters I have already written, story-line I have developed, and the few people who I have talked to about it who liked the concept and read a bit. I am just having a bigger issue connecting with story as its writer than what I should be…and that is never good. So for now, until I have the means to do my research properly and figure out whether I want to pursue this 1st person idea (as a novel) I am putting it away for now…but just for now. I think many other writers wrestle with issues similar to this as their career grows and flourish so I am not kicking myself for this choice…it’s just par for the course.















Up Next

In my next blog I will talk about the next new project that I have already started and am feeling much better about. For now, however please enjoy my first novel Running Northwest available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and my estore. Use this code 4DXV6VXP and get 25% of the print version at my estore




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