New Years Bucket List/Resolutions

So I was putting of New Year’s resolutions and their making. Why do people feel the need to have one or more resolutions on New Year’s Eve or day…why not give yourselves 1 week or 2 and think about things. That being said here are my resolutions for 2013….but I prefer to call them my bucket list for 2013 and they could happen in no particular order.

  1. Finish the next novel (I’m working on two and I’m realizing now both will require me to reexamine my soul….or what’s left).
  2. Not miss so many classes this winter semester…(even though the “writing” program where I go is….lacking in anything relevant to me)
  3. I really want to be in a flash mob…just once.(this is actually going on my real bucket list so I don’t know it will count)01 T5 Flash Mob
  4. Read at least 5 books that I never have before that are not related to school or writing (some of you will say “hey that’s no big deal I read that in a week or month”.  But try doing that while your in school full time 15 credits, working a part time job and trying to write my own novels why trying to market my books which in itself is a full time job)

e27-Browsing-Books5. Go and do Karaoke again (yes I can kind of sing…kind of) and sing my old Sinatra and Rat Pack tunes till i’m blue in the face or kicked out….probably won’t work in this town since that kind of music don’t fly usually.

6.(in case 3 don’t count) Try to get used to the fact I lost the most important things in my life…and drink more wine.


2 thoughts on “New Years Bucket List/Resolutions

  1. I think 3 will count if you actually do it in 2013. I have the same for my bucket list.
    Good luck with your 2013 bucket list. I hope you can manage to do them all.

    1. I think for the most part I set attainable ones… might be harder. Since I wrote it I thought of 2 more things I could have done instead..,can you do a re-write on a Resolution List?

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