Christmas Senses: A Short Story

I published a short story this week. It is the 2nd piece of writing I have published and the first since my breakout novel Running Northwest and is called Christmas Senses.

final cover - Copy

Currently Christmas Senses is available in print for $6.00 US (click here) and in kindle edition (Click here) and available for just .99 cents US. As you can tell by the title, it is a Christmas themed short story and something I really wanted to put out since the Christmas holiday season is my favorite time of the year (fall is a close 2nd). I wanted to write a story that I felt really captured (to the best of my ability) the purity of the holiday from a perspective that it is not told from very often.

A Special Thanks

I would like to thank my friend Mike Day and his family for giving me the honor of using a picture of their wonderful Caucasian Shepherd dog named Bassa on the cover. Please take a minute and check out Bassa’s amazing blog at and Mikes blog all about the country of Georgia at Also give a look at Bassa’s own novel called Bassa’s World about the life of a dog in Georgia.

cover 2 final

Be on the lookout….

In the coming days this story will be offered FREE on as well as so keep an eye out for it. I wanted to have it be free on amazon for kindle but amazon has to make that option a pain in the ass.

I hope anyone who reads this enjoys it and considers picking up my first novel Running Northwest which is on sale through Christmas for just .99 cents. At the end of Christmas Senses, there is a little treat for anyone who picks it up.Capture2



5 thoughts on “Christmas Senses: A Short Story

  1. Congratulations on your latest publication Michael and thank you very much for the mention and the links. I am very pleased to see Bassa on the cover of one of your books. Have a great Christmas and sell lots of books!

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