2012 and john tesh

We all know at least something about the whole doomsday prophecy…you know the Mayan 2012 things. Most of us have read or heard about this whole thing or saw TV shows and movies about it. Most people laugh it off as a joke and maybe it is or maybe it is not. On NBC there is a show called Revolution about people living in the USA after the electricity goes out around the world. It gives a reasonably good idea about what could happen in that situation and how people would live and act.

As I said, most people laugh this whole scenario off, the whole end of the world…thing. However, what if it happened in a few weeks like people think or in the near future. How many people are prepared for something like this? I sure, as shit am not, I do not even know how to start outside of getting guns and water….and cartons and cartons of cigarettes. Realistically what would the world be like? I assume to one degree or another it would bring us back to at least the mid-late 1800’s as far as how we live, maybe a little wild west thrown in there. It depends on the situation really, the event, is it natural or man made I think that would depend on how we react if we could react.

Most of us will be screwed and never forget about the zombie attacks that could happen at any moment. I was thinking about this today while I was listening to John Tesh in the car and he makes me angry sometimes.



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