Christmas Lists and Santa

I will probably post several blogs in the coming weeks about Christmas and the holidays. I am not a sentimental person in many facets of my life but Christmas is one of those that I really do enjoy. So I am sorry if the blogs annoy people….well not really…so now is your chance to refrain from moving forward.

How many of you wrote Christmas lists when you were younger for Santa? I did, I would write it out in crayon, marker or colored pencil until I got a bit older then put it an envelope and put it in the mail addressed too Santa at the north pole. Do many kids still do this? My niece (who is 7) is deep in thought about hers right now and is under the impression it must be sent out my thanksgiving. Which makes me wonder where in fact all these letters for Santa actually go, what does the post office do with them…life would be better if Santa was in fact real it’s the first big lie kids are faced with.

Anyways….I was thinking about my old Christmas lists for Santa and what I put on mine way back in the day…I can barely remember. I am sure it was GI-Joes, transformers, Legos and models when I got older all of which got destroyed in the yard when I played outside…yes we played outside in the 80’s. Later I got a Nintendo and life sucked after that leading me to hate most video games now as an adult. I would like see the lists to Santa for say a 10-year-old now versus a 10 year old in the 80’s and how they differ. Do 10 year olds still believe in Santa? There has to be some unless they took that bit of wonderment from kids of that age also as they have other things. People debate about Santa, parents do I know this for a fact on whether they should tell their kids about Santa or not. What is wrong with it…believing in Santa when you are kid?. Let the kids have a few years of youthful fun before the life punches them in the face and ruins their dreams, life is already hard enough for kids.

My cousin Jeff (who is a few years older than me) was the bastard that blew my Santa clause balloon at 11 I think. I don’t know maybe it’s better that way. How old is too old to believe in Santa, and do we as adults ever totally stop believing in Santa. Do we all secretly have that tiny bit of hope that we never talk about aloud where we wonder if he is in fact real in some way….it’s insane yes but who knows.


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