Secret rock stars of the road

So I’m quirky we all know this…or people who follow me on social media know that I am. Once upon a time, I used to go and do karaoke; I have not done it in a few years I think. Once upon a time, I even thought I was a decent singer….some said yes many others say no. I stopped for one reason or another…not being able to smoke in bars here in Michigan might have had something to do with it and not being much of a drinker could be another. I do not hang out with many people who do karaoke anymore might have had something to do with it.

One place however that I never stopped singing at is in the car….I will sing nearly anything whether I can actually sing it or not does not matter….I still will. And If I can’t sing Ill lip sync the shit out of it like a pro. The funny things is that I record this shit sometimes with my phone, watch it a few times over a few weeks think about posting it online and then never do. Usually it just sits on my phone I might send it to my GF or giggle to myself on occasion then delete it eventually.

It remind me of that scene in Tommy Boy when Chris Farley and David spade are singing.

………………………Ya know why not Ill post just one i did at night awhile back when  i was driving so you have an idea just how ridiculous I am when I am alone. I’m singing a frank Sinatra song….i think.

and then watch this one and have a laugh….

Long live the car driving rock stars!!!!!!!!

Another pointless blog by me.


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