GVSU math and my personal hell

Ugh school is not going great…my math…the algebra is still fucking with me. That is really the only class I am massively worried about but it is the one class that I NEED to pass. I really do not want to pay the money to take it over and set me farther behind from graduating than I am (which is not much). I also don’t want m decent GPA to take a hit.

I am trying to figure out what I am doing wrong….what I can do different. GD quadratic equations and such….I’ll never use them…never need them but I have to learn them. The night before my test the other day, I spent 4 hours JUST practicing quadratic equations. I get the test in front of me start going through it and it has only TWO….TWO fucking quadratic equations on it…no biggie right? But…can I do them….NOPE!!!!! Totally blanked…I had no idea what to do, where to begin. There was literally nothing there…everything I had practiced was gone like a stank fart in the wind. The quadratics wasn’t the only thing but part of a few issues.

Tomorrow…well today is the last day where I can drop this class with GVSU so it does not hurt my GPA…I do not really want to do that. I’m not looking to get an A in this damn thing but just pass it…so B-/C,  but currently I’m falling short of even this seemingly simple goal and it’s frustrating as hell. Both my professors are extremely helpful but this shit just sucks.

The fact I freeze up during math tests as I did back in the 90’s in high school is not helping things… I’ve heard it called test anxiety. It is not as if I am not putting in the work, I feel like my math class gets more attention than the other three I am taking and seeing shit results with all the work. I need to buckle down even more and move some things around so I can get this down and done.

Those nerds from the big bang theory need to find me…..


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