My friends and Running Northwest


If you read my last blog post about my novel Running Northwest you are already aware that on November 5th and 6th I am giving away Running Northwest for FREE…..and in case you didn’t see it its going to be FREE for downloading on

You may be thinking, “Why the hell is he giving it away free”? Well its good advertising and it gets (hopefully) the book out there so people are more aware of it. There are many differing opinions on whether not this is still a viable thing to do for eBooks on Some sites and authors say yes while others say no since Amazon changed its algorithms. I look at it this way….id rather give the eBook away for free so people might be willing to take a chance on new writer and indie author who is still working his way up in this business.

The other reason is I have two free days left on amazons KDP select platform before I am able to place Running Northwest on other sites such as NOOK, KOBO and a few others. I am still considering what to do as far as this goes since things have not gone as well as I had hoped with Amazon. However, it is a marathon not a sprint in this business.

I know people especially on my FB get annoyed about my postings about my book. I know many of them are not avid readers especially when it comes to the genre that Running Northwest falls under. Nevertheless, I believe that Running Northwest is a really great book and 97% of the people that have read it have had nothing but good things to say either online or in person.

Yes, it falls under the romance genre and ultimately I am OK with that but I think once you start reading and get into the story you will see that Running Northwest transcends the boundaries of the romance genre, I believe it is far more than a long winded love story. So please give it shot even if you do not read it right away, I take forever to read a book and I know we all have busy lives. This doesn’t just help me but also helps the people involved in helping me get Running Northwest out such as Victor Fuentes my cover designer and Joe Decommer who did the cover art and created an amazing painting.

With that being said, I want to apologize to my friends on FB ahead of time for the numerous postings about Running Northwest I will be making over the next few weeks leading up to and after the 2 days that the book will be offered free on Amazon. This is part of the job of being an Indie author and advertising is an annoying, but required part of that job. If you could share posts I make in the days before the giveaway, I would be very grateful. It is all about getting the word about me and my first novel into the world more than it has been already, which in all reality is not nearly enough. So thank you and thank you for the understanding.


Michael Melville


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