Running Northwest Print Edition

My time with Running Northwest solely for sale as an eBook at is about done and I am still debating on the best options for me after November 8th.  However, in order to celebrate this I will run a 2-day sale for Running Northwest….and the best part is that it’s going to be FREE. It could in fact be the last time its ever FREE so check it out. When I say FREE, I mean it is very FREE (notice all the FREE stuff). Also, if you download it and read it please, please, please leave me a review on and when you are done…this also you can do FREE yay FREE!!!!.

This 2 day FREE day will be November 5th and 6th which is a Monday and Tuesday.

Also, if you download Running Northwest and get it FREE and you use Twitter go to Find Running Northwest, send me a request for a FREE digital autograph, and let me know how you want me to sign it.

This 2 day FREE day will be November 5th and 6th which is a Monday and Tuesday.

I know many of you may not have a Kindle or Kindle Fire. However, Amazon offers Kindle reading apps FREE for MAC, PC and ALL smart phones, so do not feel like you are left out just because you don’t have a fancy e-reader or tablet….because neither do I. I use the kindle app for Android and PC for my laptop. Click here to go and get those apps so you can read my novel Running Northwest and many other great Indie writers.

For all you folks in the UK you are not left out on this click hereRunning Northwest for the UK site on

Please share this blog with your friends and contacts and help an Indie author out.


Michael Melville



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