Kindlegraph and connecting with readers

I just started using this great new service called KindleGraph. One downfall of the eBook world for readers is not being able to have their eBooks signed by the authors as you would at an in person book signing. Not having a real hard copy of the book makes it hard to have the author sign the book besides the fact that so many of our readers are hundreds and thousands of miles away or across the globe. So a service like this is great.

As a new author I have done a few personal signings on hard copies of  my novel Running Northwest but no signing actual events since well…most people have not heard of me…YET!!!!!! Interacting with my readers is something I really do enjoy especially in person. A few weeks ago I was sitting on my deck smoking and wished there was some sort of way I could sign books for the thousands of people in the USA and overseas who have either bought or downloaded Running Northwest on one of my free giveaways of that is something they want.

With Kindlegraph it gives you the ability to send a request to an author of a book you enjoy and have them electronically sign the book for you. You can ask the author to write out a particular inscription if you wish also. There is a bit of signing up, tweaking things in your kindle account in order to make it happen but the authors and readers alike all have to do the same thing, and it’s not a big deal. IN ADDITION, you have to have a Twitter account to sign in with or be willing to get one.

One nice thing is that readers can grow a collection of these signatures from authors which is kind of a cool aspect I think.

Tonight I just did my first “e-signing” for a woman who already bought a printed version of Running Northwest and gave me great reviews. It was kind of cool, signing my name with a mouse was a trip and took some practice but I think she will enjoy it. Here is a sample of what it looks like; this is the one I did tonight. I did back out her name for privacy reasons.

I have heard there is many way to use this service for authors and writers such as signing events and I’m looking forward to hopefully doing many more of these signings. So if you are an author looking to connect with your readers in a more personal way this is something you might want to think about. Also Kindlegraph is on twitter and up to this point they have been very interactive and customer friendly regarding their new service and things coming up. I wish there was a way to reach out to the people who downloaded the book for free during a giveaway so they knew about this feature for my readers… that’s an amazon thing though.


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