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So the marketing with Running Northwest goes on now that it’s out and available to buy. In case you are new to this blog, Running Northwest is my first novel. I published the second edition this august (2012). There are literally millions of writers trying to write and get published, some of which will make it and be successful and some will not. I really do not want to one of the people who could not make it as a writer and a novelist especially being a guy. For some reason being a guy in the romance genre it seems like it’s even harder to gain legitimacy…Or it feels that way at least. Some days I just want to stand on top of building with a big sign that says NOTICE ME…NOTICE MY BOOK…. Now that I think about that idea, it could be somewhat funny but the results I’m sure short lived. ***news flash crazy man with giant sign on roof***

NOT me

However, as I work on marketing for RNW, and try to get my work and myself noticed I am in the process of working on two new writing projects. I have looked at other author’s books and published writings, other writers who have published numerous books. One woman I read about who has been a writer professionally for 10 years has published over 25 books….how does she have the time, that’s 2.5 books a year!!!. With the onslaught of eBooks, and indie authors slowly eating away at the traditional route of publishing and becoming a legitimate force you have to wonder how many authors like me are pushing their works out too fast.

For those of us who are writers we all know how long it takes to get a book published the traditional route via agents and publishing houses. For those of us who are not or choose not to be published by a Publishing House as I have for the time being, we have done the research, read the realities of the traditional publishing world and in many cases decided it’s not worth the pain in the ass that it is.

However, for some indie authors they feel the way to literary greatness and notoriety is through publishing as much stuff as quickly as possible. They rush the work, rush the writing process, cut corners and put out a crappy book just to load their author resume with work. What about the quality though, is it always up to par, you have to wonder?

I wonder with the current speed the writing world and the rise of eBooks and e-readers if too many new writers (or experienced ones for that matter) are putting out too much crap, pieces of shit that really are not that good just to say they did and keep their name out there. Alternatively, they are just putting something out there too fast even if it is good but just not…there yet. I have been accused of this myself with my first book, this is why there is a 2nd edition now.

Now I know some may think my first novel Running Northwest is a POS…many would disagree, I sure as hell would. In November (2012), I’m putting out a book of short stories with which 50% of the proceeds are going to go towards charities supporting animal welfare and rights such as the ASPCA. It is my effort, small as it may be to support a cause I believe in and try to make a difference.

Now back to RNW… I spent over 3 years writing it, growing it and building it then pushing it out my writer’s vagina. What’s more is it took me four years to get it out so you wonderful people could read it give me reviews and tell your friends about it. When it comes to marketing for RNW, I only have a vague idea of what I am doing but I am not negative about it, still learning and not afraid to admit that. I wanted my next full novel “Ashes on Water” to come out in March or April 2013, I am realizing that it will not and maybe it is for the best for many reasons (could be involved in another project). Sure, I could rush and throw it together and put out some nonsensical story to raise my book resume. However, I will not…. I cannot. I cannot because I do not have it in me to do that and write for the sake writing just to sell it for the sake of selling it. With RNW, I put my heart and soul into writing it…and I want to be able to do the same with Ashes on Water. Now do not get me wrong I am NOT getting all artsy and uppity about it like some artists and creative types who get all high and fucking mighty about the “art” and their work. I am a normal guy doing what feels natural to me who doesn’t have his head up his ass about his writing and is not pretentious about it (or I try really hard not to be). I swear in my blogs and do not really have an issue with it…because I swear in my normal life. I am not trying to be two different versions of the same person just for the sake of having my writing liked or acknowledged and to sell books. That’s something that will not change even when I am successful as a writer(notice I said WHEN not IF).

I think I owe it myself and to my readers, the new ones and the faithful to put the same amount or even more work into the next novel as I did Running Northwest. Why do authors feel the need to push out something fast in a matter of months that could and maybe should take a few years?  Why are we forced to feel this way? Why do we do this to each other via twitter, blogs and other writing sites? Why do we feel the need to begin writing something new when the ink is barely dry on the book we just finished writing. You didn’t and don’t see the literary giants of the past putting out 1-2 books every year.

Why do we as writers feel the need to write and produce faster just because the world is moving faster? What does that say about our art our passion and us and who we are? Indie and self-pub authors like me are already fighting an uphill battle when it comes to the perceived quality of our books compared to something put out by a large or mid-level publishing house. So why do we feel the need to put out a bunch of crap in hurry just to say that we did and can.  Why should we write a series or a trilogy just because it is the seemingly popular and trendy thing to do because of books like Harry Potter or 50 Shades of Grey?

We even do this in our blogs!! In fact, we are told (by each other) to blog A LOT because it drives traffic to us, to our site and to our products bla bla bla. This idea is hammered into our GD heads by a plethora of websites recycling many bullshit ideas that suggest ways to help authors and writers but rarely offer any original content or thought. BLOG BLOG BLOG BLOG about anything that might have anything to do with writing, marketing or our books.  Shouldn’t we write something that matters, even if it just matters to us it should matter, it should be meaningful to us at least enough to want to write it and take the time to do so let alone put it out there for the world to see.

Nicholas Sparks is one of my favorite contemporary writers. Do I like all his books? Hell no!!! only a few. Nevertheless, he is a successful male romance writer and I as new writer currently in the romance genre with RNW respect what he did and does. Sparks maybe puts out one book a year, but he can write full time and promote full time. I cannot but someday I will I think. But I won’t hurry or rush and put out crap just to say I did.


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