The cattle at my college

So…I go to this college in the great state of Michigan. Now being an older student my mind is constantly surprised by the things the younger kids do. Sometimes it’s shocking and funny and sometimes I am just embarrassed for humanity by the things they do and left saying WTF. The weird quirks are something that I find interesting. One these quirks is there walking habits or rather the areas they walk in.

Now my college is large, spread out, and has many many areas of open green areas. Sidewalks and paths weave their way throughout the campus. For me the quickest way to point A and point B is a straight-line….I thinks I even learned that in math class lol.  So at school that means I walk not just on the paths and sidewalks but also on the grass to get my grumpy ass to where I gotta go as fast as I can…usually so I can sneak in a smoke before class.

These…….however for some reason always seem to NEED to stay on the path, rarely walk on the grass and if they do almost act like they are breaking some sort of rule by doing so thus being a renegade. However, there is no rule saying you can’t walk on the grass, no one is going to spank you for doing it or suspend you for doing it. So why I wonder do these kids walk on the cements paths and sidewalks, taking the long way to get wherever they have to go and then often bitch when they are late for class. Do they think they are saving the environment and stopping global warming or some shit? Do they think some zombie or Chud is gunna pop out and eat them?

They look very much like sheep, these kids who were apparently taught to stay on the sidewalks growing up or god might come down from wherever and smite them. It’s all very confusing even when walking through the parking lot to their cars they stay on the cement and don’t walk on the grass to get to their car. In the winter I get it, there is a lot of snow here in Michigan usually but NOW, its still in the 60’s are they that worried about getting new little sneakers dirty or there bare feet…..HOW WILL THEY LIVE IF THAT HAPPENS????

They look like little herds of cows, or rats in a maze going the way they think they were trained to go so they can get there snack and gold star….I don’t get it….damn kids.


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