Thoughts on famous people

You ever wonder about famous people. I do…and of course, you have, we all do at some point. I mean I met a few over the years. When I lived in northern Idaho, I met Bruce Willis in a Safeway grocery store. While I Iived in the area I also talked to Arnold swarzanagger at a gas station while he was filling one of his Hummers (before we was governor of a California). I am sure he was on his way to or from his island he owns in a lake there, (I bet Maria got that in the divorce). I was surprised at Bruce Willis’ willingness to have small talk with a normal guy as we stood in line to pay for our individual crap. Even though the conversation only lasted maybe 5 minutes I appreciated his ability to shoot the shit with me and at some point I remember forgetting he was a huge Hollywood actor. It made me wonder if stores in LA have famous people lanes.

In today’s socially networked and connected world, one would think it would be easier to interact with famous people like big time actors, models and musicians. However, they have people for that I am willing to bet. I wonder when it comes to things like Twitter how many of these famous people are “really” tweeting these things. Is Taylor Swift really tweeting as Taylor Swift or is it a publicist or Swifts assistant or just a friend?  Did I really write a book for sale NOW on Are those tweets from Tom Hanks really Tom? Are we just being faked out when it comes to these social networking interactions?

yes really tom hanks

I was watching the movie called the Holiday and made me wonder even more about famous people. It made me wonder what I would say or do if ran into Cameron Diaz, Jack black or any other famous person besides the 2 interactions I have had. What the hell would I say, would I start rambling on about how fricken badass my dog is? Would I talk about my writing, my book a trucker I had conversation with about the Detroit lions while having coffee? Are famous people really capable of having a genuine….normal…average conversations with those of us who don’t have 500,000 or more followers on twitter and millions of dollars in the bank.

Does Jack Black sing everywhere he goes? Is john Cusack really as cool and weird as he seems? Is Cameron Diaz as hot and as much of a fun dork as what she seems in some of her movies or on talk shows? Is she….normalish? Does Julia Roberts have as great of a laugh in person as she does in the movies and is her hair as good. In addition, where the hell does Jude law and Liam Neeson get all their kick ass sweaters (I’d really like to know that one personally).

We all watch these shows like Entertainment tonight and E network and the like and we see, and hear about the crazy lives the celebrities live. I would like to know how they are when they are not busy being a famous super humans and making movies. Like Ellen DeGeneres, I think I could sit and drink with her and play Nintendo WII until we think the windows are the TV and we are in the game for real….and I do not even really drink. I would like to know if Ellen dances as much at home as she does on TV.


Is George Clooney just that fucking cool that I could shoot the shit with him or am I just fooling myself lol.


I would like to think that on some level, in some way that no matter how rich and famous these and others are that they maintain some sort of normalcy of how they were before they became who they are now. And have some idea of how to relate and talk to those of us who made them rich and famous and I think it would be fun to try. Not to talk Hollywood gossip and stuff but like talking football with Adam Sandler, sun glass shopping with Brad Pitt or something along those lines.  Does brad pick his nose when no one is looking like everyone else does? Does Jennifer Aniston fart in her sleep despite the fact virtually all women deny the fact they fart (I am not saying I want to hear her do this but just admit she does).  If I had coffee with Shawn Connery would it be like sitting and having coffee with some old man at the truck stop who likes to look at the servers butts as they walk by.  I’d like to sit and have coffee with Sharon Osborne because she just seems really…normal…like she would be fun to talk with. Id like to go to Barnes and Noble and see what kind of books Steven Tyler likes since I hear he is an avid reader and pretty smart.

Do famous people really ask other famous people out on dates using there agent or publicist or do they all make that nervous phone call or nerve wracking first interaction at a party. I always wondered why famous people usually only date famous people and why they don’t date someone who sells cars or sells auto insurance.

I am tired of hearing about all the crazy stuff celebrates do. I’d like to see and hear about the normal things they do that make them more like us then someone above us.


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