The Fall

It is nearly fall now here in Michigan. We are entering my favorite time of the year when the air is colder and crisp. When the leaves are changing colors and begin falling. In addition, the days are gradually shorter and shorter. Soon nearly  all the trees in the woods and along the sides of the road will be filled with brightly colored leaves and the hunters like me will begin our pilgrimage into the woods.

not me

You know that smell that is in the air during the fall and lasts until the snow begins to fly. I do not know how to describe it exactly but if you know what I mean by the FALL is, most likely you know the smell…I love that smell. Some call it autumn. Things seems quieter in the fall, nature and the business of the world seems to slow down for some reason maybe it’s just me but it seems that way. The sweaters, scarfs and heavier jackets come out and people seem to look better then when it’s warm and hot out. I do not know why but for me woman look far more beautiful in the fall.

The one thing about the fall that I hate is that it’s so damn short. If the 40-50 degree fall days, the colored leaves, pumpkins and brisk NW or NE wind would stick around even just a month longer or start a month earlier I would be a happy camper despite my love for snow and frigid temps. During the fall, at least here in Michigan there are so many things that I would love to do that I inevitably do not have the time to do them all, time to accomplish them or the money to afford them all. Things like just walking in the woods with my dog and watching her chase squirrels while they try to bury nuts for the winter. Going to cider mills, apple orchards, wineries, looking for the perfect pumpkin and carving them, corn fields and corn mazes, a 1-2 day fall get away up north or long weekends in the Michigan’s UP are just a few of the things I love to do in the fall but often cannot. Even going to farmers markets seem more enjoyable to me in the fall than any other time of the year.

Even though I am not a fan of children I do get a mild amount of enjoyment watching kids like my niece trick or treat or carving pumpkins and seeing kids at the store trying to find a Halloween costume while frustrating their parents. Hell even when I’m driving to or from somewhere and I see some little kid dive into a pile of raked up dead leaves makes this moody old asshole smile and makes me remember my childhood in a more positive light.

When I lived out west I loved the way the mountains looked in the fall, the rolling hills of orange, red and yellow with occasional tops of white snow on the peaks of the higher ones.

Bonfires….bonfires in the fall are the best and far better than the summer!! The burning wood just seems to smell different…better. Then throw some dead leaves in and it is like heaven. I wish someone would invent cologne that smells like fall, like burning leaves and I would wear that year round.

I like the way the leaves blow across the road and scatter when I drive through them. It makes me feel like I am going faster than what I really am. In the fall the air is cleaner it seems, less suffocating and at night, I can see more stars than any night in the summer and love it.

near traverse city
my dog harley

For some reason the fall and winter just make me happy, happier than the rest of the year. I feel like I’m in a better mood and easier for people to be around (I don’t know this for a fact you would have to ask my friends). Even with my writing though I seem more inspired, the words and ideas just seem to come a little easier, smoother but still grammatically incorrect in the fall lol. However I would, rather they come out wrong than not at all. I just feel more creative in the fall for some reason. Why do donuts seem better in the fall especially with hot apple cider? Does anyone else think this way?  In the fall I feel like I should go a chop wood…I don’t even have a fireplace and have no need to chop wood but every year I feel the urge to chop wood….weird huh.

Then there is football…NFL football I do not involve myself with college much….I love football season it just screams FALL. I would like to go kayaking down a river surrounded by bright colored leaves or find a waterfall and take ass tons of pictures, is that weird?

Being in love is better in the fall and winter it seems. Love, finding love, romance whether having it or finding it just makes more sense in the fall and winter…it just seems to feel better. Who doesn’t love cuddling with someone in the fall or winter. Even something as simple as taking a walk in the fall with someone in park, down a city street or in the woods with someone you love or into seems better. Im sappy sometimes…..

a walk

I love Michigan in the fall. What are your favorite things about the fall?


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