Popular Science and mail order stuff

I used to read popular science when I was growing up early teens but as young as 8, I loved seeing the imagined ideas of what could be someday. The gadgets the new “tech” at the beginning was always cool to see. I still remember seeing portable CD players and wanting one.

One of my favorite things to read through though was the ads in the back. The ads for all those inventions and do it yourself stuff crap. I remember seeing helicopters and plane kits that you could order and apparently fly at will. When I was younger, I thought this would be awesome when I got older and I can get my helicopter, dad could help me put it together and I would be the only guy in Jr high or high school with a helicopter or plane or hovercraft. Sadly, none of this came to fruition. Yes I actually got laid eventually even though I was a pseudo nerd.

The other day I was thinking about popular science and it made me wonder. Did anyone ever actually order these kits to build these fantastic things? Did they work? How long did they last? Was it hard to do? How could you do it and not get in trouble by the feds. Then I wondered if these ads are still even in the back of Popular Science. I can’t remember the last time I read one of these magazines. Does anyone even remember these but me?


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