Art Sonnet

This didn’t even end up the way it was supposed to be at all..but that’s just life i think. We were supposed to pick a piece of art on campus to use as inspiration and write a poem about it. I chose a piece of the Berlin wall that sits on the GVSU campus that most people don’t even know is there because it reminded me of myself in way. One girl in my class, a child, didn’t even know what the Berlin Wall was….I hate her.

Art Sonnet

Cold War Tears of Pain

Michael Melville

You were built to hold and to show control

A symbol created to scare and mold

Blood and tears soak your pitted grey skin

People fought and many died

And yet somehow you still survive

Once a symbol of fear and hate

Now a symbol of freedom hope and fate

You sit as a relic to a time of despair

Cement and rebar not going anywhere

A smaller piece of a greater wall

I still remember watching all your parts fall

Cheers and cries fists held high in the air

Once guarded with bullets and covered in razor wire

Never forgotten now stained with faded blue graffiti sitting here

A corner of a college campus in America is where a part of you sits

Far from, your Rhineland separating and oppressive pits

In Germany you were built and is where you did fall

Quenching the thirst and fears of all

You are a fading symbol of a worldwide hell

Sadly, your parts will remain after the people fell


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