My novel Running Northwest

For anyone who has followed my blog you know that I am a writer and a novelist (not aspiring thank you very much) and last march published my first novel Running Northwest. Moreover, as most of you know, especially the people who follow this blog and me on Facebook I had some pretty damn big issues with the first edition. There were many editorial errors that went over looked and unfixed by my previous editor. Who did a decent job considering how the manuscript was when I gave it to her, it just was not enough not nearly enough. So after a few sales, good support and then some shitty reviews that brought light to the grievous situation with Running Northwest I had no choice but to pull it down from  at the  beginning of May (2012) and was pretty livid and embarrassed about the whole thing. However it pushed me to make it better and rectify my mistakes, I work better when I am pissed off it seems.

I appreciate the people who bought the book, read it, and were able to see through the issues to the great story that is at the heart of it and give me good reviews and nice comments. I also appreciate the criticisms since without those I would not have realized until much later I think exactly how bad the novel was as far as the grammatical and other issues.

Therefore, I set forth on fixing the issues, tweaking the book, got new proofreaders/ editors who knew better and knew more than I did and with their help and advice we fixed the book. I hope that there will be no errors this time or at least just a few minor ones, which happens in even the best-edited books. One thing I learned about editing during this whole process is everyone has his or her own idea of what an error is and what is not. Where a comma should be and should not be and a word that could be substituted for another or just what could be improved upon. You cannot just fix things because one person says something should be done “this way” or “that way”. It also helped me remember long forgotten or ignored rules when it comes to grammar in professional writing, little things that I know better than…I am not an English major lol.

Another thing that I decided to do was do a new set of covers for both the eBook and the paperback version with help from my very talented friend and cover designer Victor Fuentes. I also made the paperback version smaller. Originally, it was a giant (in my eyes) 6×9 but now it is a 5×8. I wanted it back out for sale at the beginning of July but I ran into issues in the editing process that forced me to add time…and for the better it seems or at least I hope.

Nevertheless, the book is done now its edited and has 2 great new covers and I will NOT be going through this process again with RNW. Some will say the book is long and yes it is long I won’t lie its 634 pages….but I wrote the story that was in my head  and heart and wrote it how I wanted it written and if you don’t stick to your convictions in this world than you will get pushed around. I never wanted to be a writer so I could write how and what other people thought I should write. I am sure some of the more professional people in the literary world will have issues with RNW since it is long for its genre (fiction romance or romantic drama) but I do not care.

Now I can work more on the process of writing the next novel Ashes on Water, which I hope to have out next March or April but we will see. I am not going to hurry through this next project and most likely will use a professional editor the next time around to save time and improve the process and results without irritating people. Something the industry sticklers I am sure will be thrilled about since that is what you are supposed to do. My issues is with that is that I need to trust people and never have and never will be able to trust a complete stranger especially with something I put as much of me into as my writing. I learned a lot while writing RNW about process of writing, the business (which I’m still learning about) and myself and hopefully all of that will make the next novel and future novels that much better, professional or something lol

I do want to say thanks to my friends in the USA and abroad and the few fans I do have for sticking with me and being so supportive in this process and for the patience they gave me. For all the other up and coming writers out there struggling with a story they are writing, getting it perfect (doesn’t exist) and getting it published don’t give up and more than anything have faith in yourself and be damned what anyone else tells you along the way about your abilities.

I am finally happy with it and hope people enjoy it if they choose to purchase it and I hope they do and tell their friends about it. Keep and eye on this blog, my Twitter and Facebook and i will announce the official availability date of the eBook and paperback version of Running Northwest as soon as I know for sure. Which should be in a just a few days for the eBook on

Michael Melville



6 thoughts on “My novel Running Northwest

  1. Cheers Mate! Congrats, it was my pleasure working with you. Lessons will be learned, progress will be made!

    1. Thanks doll, hopefully this will go better than last time. Its really hard to focus on other writing dealing with all of this. Still having small but frustrating issues with the paper back version and i’m already second guessing committing to KDP for 90 days…i was seriously considering KOBO. Such is life as an up and coming writer i guess lol

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