Alphas and my weird movie and tv watching habits

SO I’ve been watching this show called Alphas on SyFy. It takes me twice as long as it should to watch one show because I am enamored with the writing and the quirkiness of the characters. I am constantly rewinding and watching certain parts repeatedly over and over again. One of the reasons though is weird, and I do this with  movies and other shows all the time but just noticed it recently.

I am enamored with facial movements characters in shows and movies make; the way a certain characters mouth moves at a specific point because of the way, they say a certain word. A hand gesture or a particular way they are standing or movement they make. In addition, an odd quirk with their eyes with they say something, especially the eyes I notice this a lot…maybe it’s just me and I’m a freak for noticing this shit.

At the end of the episode 1 of the second season Gary, who is an autistic member of the alpha team will not talk after he is put in a hospital for evil Alphas. Near the of the show other members of the Alpha team are trying to get Gary to talk and finally do and he yells at Bill for calling him a bastard among other things. Nina, another member says “you tell him Gary”. When she says this corner of her mouth moves a way that completely fascinated me for some reason.


In the second episode of the new season near the end the team has to deal with a bunch of new people from the government invading there office space while dealing with personal issues and it sucks. Hicks, another team member is dating a girl and is trying to keep it under wraps and Gary figures it out. Hicks, tells Gary he will kill him he tells anyone. Gary, who again is autistic replied with “No hicks I’ll kill you first, I get up at 7:42”. He has this weird smart-ass smile on his face and does this weird eye movement and I watched this part at least 10 times in a row because it was funny as hell and the whole thing just struck me as fascinating. Like I said weird….

These are just two examples but I do this any many TV shows and movies I watch on my laptop. As I said, I don’t really know why other than the fact I am intrigued by weird body movements, ticks and facial gestures…I actually do this in real life also but don’t say much about it…however I do keep notes on the ones that are really interesting it helps my writing to a degree to develop unque character quirks. I know this is weird and odd but well this shit just fascinates me for some crazy reason.


—–Now for those of you who have never seen this show I am sorry and understand you have no idea what the hell I’m talking about. Alphas in the show could be compared to X-men or mutants however; their “powers” are not that out of this world. One girl named Rachel can heighten all her senses (smell, sight, and hearing) at will. Bill an FBI agent can essentially hulk himself up for short times giving him more strength and also a heart condition. Hicks, has the ability to be abnormally accurate at shooting a gun and can see movements people make ahead of time which means he can fight and dodge bullets and throw quarter into the coin slot in a pop machine. Nina, can “push” (mentally persuade) people making them do, think or say what she wants and get things free(as well as be a bitch). In addition, Gary the highly functioning autistic member has an abnormally large part of his brain which allows him to see and manipulate electronic fields and signals like cell phones and computers (except nokia). Which is one of the most unique takes on “mutant” powers I have seen. None of these people can control weather, have energy beams coming from their eyes or anything crazy like that. These people have just very enhanced versions of what we all have for the most part making the show far more believable than something like The X-men. Alphas even have their own ProfessorX type guy who is the team’s leader and psychiatrist. It is great show and you should watch at least 1 or 2 episodes and see what you think. The guy that plays Gary who was on bones for several episodes does an amazing job of playing a high functioning autistic person and has hilarious one lines and personal ticks that make me laugh all the time. The writing is great and the show has unique take on the whole “mutant” idea. Its worth watching just a few.


2 thoughts on “Alphas and my weird movie and tv watching habits

    1. I know right!!! Have you watched the new season? I’m anxiously waiting for the new episode #3 Monday night. I’m very choosy about the tv series I watch. FRINGE is another show that makes me all giddy n shit, very sad the next season is the last. Check out “continuum” on I think showtime you might dig that also. I’m four episodes in and really like that also plus it takes place in Vancouver washington!!!pac northwest represent!!!

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