Stars, the moon and things not of this earth

So back when I was a little kid I wanted to be an astronaut….then I realized I pretty much sucked at math and my science teacher told me I had to be really good at math to do that so I became a stone cold killer and coffee shop guy instead…eventually a writer funny how things work out. Anyways… a few years back I acquired a pretty nifty telescope, it’s not the best in the world but it lets me see things in the night sky.

Well for a few years, I was living in the city, next to a giant GD mall with bright lights so using the telescope was more or less useless. Well now, I am out in the country-ish so I have been using it more lately than usual. Occasionally if it is not too late, Kat will join me and we look for stuff. The other night I showed her why it’s hard to look at the moon when its full (to bright sort of) but we also were able to see Saturn pretty damn good we didn’t want to wait for mars to get higher since it was below the tree line.

Tonight the moon is at first quarter (yes I had to Google that to be sure). She was in bed since she has to work in AM so it was just me. The phase of the moon also meant there were plenty of stars and findable constellations in the sky, which was sweet.

Well during this whole re-discovering my interest in astronomy and stargazing, I thought I’d try taking pics of what I was looking at with my iPhone 3gs. Surprisingly it worked fairly well…it takes patience to do since…well shit moves and then my hands shake and oh crap I bumped the telescope so I have to readjust it…much swearing ensues. Well eventually, I get it all to work and occasionally I have been able to snap a few decent pics of things up to this point so I thought I would share it.

The model telescope I am using is by Meade and it’s a Polaris model if that means anything to anyone.

the moon, a little cloudy i liked the color
the moon just an iphone….no idea what that little red guy is below it..i dont remember it being there when i took the pic
not a horrible shot
not bad took this tonight
this is actually Saturn, hard to take a pic of

There is no real point in this whole iphone and telescope combo other than something cool to try and to see just how good of a pic i can actually get. Ill add more at some point, i hope you enjoy these. Maybe eventually i will get better at this whole combination


2 thoughts on “Stars, the moon and things not of this earth

    1. thank its kinda fun, tonight i was looking at mars….it wasnt that exciting…its funny I can see the rings of Saturn and 3 of the moons if its really clear but mars looked…well blah lol

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