My School, My Writing, My Family


It sucks when I see their eyes roll when I talked about my writing or my published novel or writing the next novel. With all the support, I have gotten from friends new and old about my writing the one place I have not gotten it from is my family…, which sucks. I realize there are issues between them and I but that is somewhat recent and I have been writing for a while.

It is the same with college though. Most people my age or older feel for some reason that going back to college, to a real university is something they can’t do, can’t afford and don’t have the time for…you just have to be willing to MAKE the time and accept that it’s going to be hard…really hard sometimes. And just suck it up and do it and stop waiting for the “right time”.  Yeah it sucks most days but I would rather do it than not since it might benefit my life in a way that I would not have had otherwise…plus I learn super cool kid lingo like YOLO and whatnot lol.

I have coffee with my dad a few times a week and I try and talk to him about college, classes, projects, what I’m doing and the weird shit I see the kids at school do and talk about. Also try and talk about my pretty damn good grades (in my eyes) and I get a blank look or a “that’s nice…when are you working again”. I tell him I’m doing homework and he rolls his eyes if I say I need to spend more than an hour on it since apparently anything more than that is pointless and unnecessary.

With my book, the first edition of Running Northwest (FLAWS, ERRORS AND ALL) I kept hearing the “oh I can’t wait to buy it and read it” from many people in my real close blood family (except dad since he does not really read). And did they buy it? No not even my mother, I kept hearing excuses as to why but honestly, I was not surprised they did not. They kept telling me how great it was that I wrote a book and that I am published. However, there was always this tone in their voice…as if they were saying it without meaning it…to pacify me and really were not that interested maybe hoping that I got it out of my system and give it up and be a normal monkey. Sadly, I knew deep inside they would not buy it let alone read it so I was not as hurt as some would be with the situation.

It is not the money from them buying the books that matters, but the acknowledgement that what I am doing and what I want to do professionally is real.  What I am working my ass off for to make happen is enough to garner there attention and even a little respect since I do not have a kid to use as a bargaining chip like my sister does. I do not want their respect, I respect myself enough so I do not need it from other people let alone family but just an honest meaningful acknowledgement of my work would be nice.  And that my work is just as real as anything they think I should be doing or they would do career wise. This is why they have no idea about what I really did when I lived in Oregon and Idaho and never told them what I was doing for a living then or even now since I even knew then it would not matter.

My dad apparently did not remember  or grasp I was even writing a book (even though I said, “I’m writing a book” many times) until just before the 1st edition of Running Northwest came out when my girlfriend was telling him about it.

It is cool I am only an international selling author…it’s not a big deal right?

I am a writer, a novelist and maybe I am not thaaaat great at it YET. Nevertheless, many people have really liked my first book so far and my short stories and ranty but entertaining blogs. It does not matter really what my family thinks about it or me and never really has….it only affects me occasionally and now is one of those time so that is why I am writing about it. I have a few of the best people around me as friends right now that are mad supportive and there for me when I let them be there for me and sometimes whether I like it or not and without them I would be in trouble.


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