college update

I do not have the best time management skill, I kind of do things on a whim or last minute and it used to work out ok. Since I have been back at college and now am a novelist I have learned those former ways of thinking do not work all that well. Sometimes they do but with these two things, they do not.  It is hard, I will admit too schedule enough time for homework AND give myself adequate time for writing. I do not always do a good job and sometime things in my personal life and social life fall to the wayside whether I intend them to or not.

College is not exactly the easiest thing at my age (33) but it is unavoidable evil and could be a lot worse. I have a B/B+ average and I’m pretty happy with that considering I was never an A student all those years ago in high school and more often than not got C’s or just enough to pass and graduate on time (kids don’t do that…it may seem easier but doesn’t help you much in the long run).

I can offer no advice on how to do it other than that you have to spend as much time as you absolutely need to do to get your work done and in a way you are happy with regardless of what other people think. It’s funny I have noticed the slackers that will never go to college bitch far more about how much time I spend doing homework. The ones that have gone recently do not say much and generally get it. Having a social life isn’t a worth a life of minimum wage jobs is it? I do not think so.

A few years ago when my girlfriend was in college I used to piss and moan about how much time she spent reading, and studying and doing research….irritated at how stressed she got doing it. Now she is graduated, working as a teacher and loving it and eventually going to graduate school. And I am back in college for over 2 years now ready to start my Junior year and I totally get it. I totally get the amount of work required to succeed in college and not have it be a waste of time and money and am fighting the same battles she was with me with my own family… (Among other battles). So I am sorry Kat for giving you shit about doing your homework lol.

I try to have fun with it and not take it to seriously as far the “belief” system theses younger kids have such as hating America and that corporations and banks are evil and the world should be a giant Utopia of no alternative forms of thought. Since the reality of the world is that, these banks and corporations will give many of these little bastards’ jobs when they graduate when shit hits the fan if not finance their cars and future homes so they can suck it up and get over it. I am glad I have a limited social life in some ways though. I don’t even want to know what it would be like being 20 or so and in college full time and thinking that  spending times with my friends nearly every night was important or the most important thing and not concentrating on what really matters…like MY whole life.

I got an A in my class in the spring semester and I’m pretty proud of that A since A’s don’t come easy unless it’s a writing class and even then not always. My professor was amazing and I am just starting the summer semester and two more class….Yes I go year round to college.

I just spent 3 hours reading poetry for a lit class by Wordsworth, Shelley and Keats….mind numbingly boring it talked about nature which I enjoyed however…as far as hidden meanings I got nothing. However, I did learn something, I read something new so I guess that is what matters; it is the point of college is it not? To expand your mind and learn about things that you never had an interest in much less would voluntarily read or learn on your own.


4 thoughts on “college update

      1. I had not thought of it that way, I must tell you that at the beginning of this Senior year I was afraid of ending school. Maybe because I feel protected, and I am scared of entering the real world. But I must do it. What do you think ? Is that college-adult world very different ?

      2. yeah in more ways than i can explain lol. But its a learning process the older you get the better you get life and dealing with the world. I went back to college at 31 so most people are a decade or younger than me but its ok so far. Im sure you will be fine in post university world, what is your major if i might ask?

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