Affordable Dental Care Unavailable To One-Third Of Americans: Report

Affordable Dental Care Unavailable To One-Third Of Americans: Report.


Thats america for you…and yes I am in this group that cannot afford dental care

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I am 36, a novelist, college student, former successful coffee lord, and an uncle. I published my first novel Running Northwest 3 years ago and I am currently hard at work on my second novel All The Roads Home. I like traveling and seeing new places generally with my dog when possible. I consider the Oregon coast and Florida my home as much and maybe more than Michigan where I was born and currently live. Currently, I am preparing to release my second novel titled All the Roads Home which is Book one of my new Oregon Series. I am happily engaged to a wonderful woman named Stacey and we are having a blast raising our energetic son who is a year and half old now. They have given me faith to keep this dream alive. ​ View all posts by OregonMike98 (Michael Melville)

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