Screw the Rules of Blogging

I blog, it’s fun for me. I may occasionally write about serious things but usually it’s some sort of rant that occurred to me at the time to be important enough to type something out and share.

I also read other blogs, a lot, on my iPhone and on the laptop and there are many bloggers who like me are writers and novelists. There are many that I really respect and read their blogs as often as I can.

Lately though I see many blogs about the “rules” of blogging or the “etiquette” of blogging.  Since when does blogging have to be something, so serious that supposed “rules” need to be applied to them. I thought the whole point of blogging was so people could share and learn about things that were not in the major media. And also to share thoughts and ideas with others around the word or your country. To be able to put honest words and thoughts down about random subjects without conforming to certain rules… are we little journalists and conformists or something?.

I do not feel the need to pander to some made up social consciousness in my blogs, one of unity and whatever the hell else. Who comes up with these rules for blogs? Some prude sitting his their room alone angry because something they wrote wasn’t published by some snotty magazine or paper? And why do they feel the need to or even think they have the right to put rules on the thoughts and ideas of others and how they are expressed.

My blogs are more often than not how I would talk in real life. Isn’t part of the idea of blogging to be REAL and to  HONEST to express yourself?. However, to some you have to follow certain rules and expectations…god forbid you swear in blog…it might be (Gasp) unprofessional, which again defeats the purpose of blogging to a degree I think, since I don’t think most bloggers do it professionally.

You want to have your stupid rules and limitations on what you can and can’t blog about, what’s appropriate in your little world,  say something how you want to say it and bitch about concepts of correct and incorrect grammar go right fucking ahead and be a whiney douchbag. Ya know while you’re at I got some shit that needs proofread and edited since you have nothing better to do than troll the blogosphere nagging bloggers about bad grammar and punctuation . Be uptight and safe and have your weird little rules. But I will write about what I want and how I want, and will put exclamation marks wherever the hell I WANT!!!!!!!!!!!!;-/ I pride myself for better or worse on saying what i think in my blogs…if you don’t like it….well I just don’t care. Grow a pair and break the rules you puss!!

Stop trying to kill the blogging world with your over rated intelligence.


4 thoughts on “Screw the Rules of Blogging

  1. Hahahaha. RIGHT. *Thanks for writing this, I’ve been seeing them too.* The other thing is commenting, how come everyone have these vanilla, says nothing real, personality-less comments??? You can just tell some of the bloggers are just flat out scared to have a reaction in print. But then why um….are they here? Isn’t that what this is? I dunno…

    1. Yea right, I mean what’s wrong with saying what you think about something. If someone one is going to take the time to read an entire blog post they obviously have an opinion on it one way or the other so balls up and say something. I try not to do the whole walking on egg shells and being of thing.

      But thanks for liking the post. I was sure the first comment would be someone ragging on me because I’m a “novelist and use such poor grammar and how unprofessional I was being….” bla bla bla. Just trying to keep it real lol

      1. Lol. I hear you. Well keep being real. I like your blog and this post. It’s refreshing to read something that is written by a human. Some of the blogs I’ve read just put you to sleep with pretension. All writers have grammar issues, our minds are spinning, but we usually can handle it when it’s appropriate. F the virtual grammar police. It’s so ridiculous already. Lol.

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