Dogs, apartments, lawmakers and me…

So I am thinking of starting a Cause on the Website I might as well use the left leaning website for something I see as worthwhile. I am not the most active person in the world when it comes to supporting causes let alone starting or joining one.  I am picky and believe hardcore in very little….except dogs and dog owners. I believe in THAT a lot.

Its goal would be to circulate a petition that would eventually, hopefully, go to select dog friendly Michigan congressional representatives and women as well as our senators. Urging them to write and pass a law or laws making it illegal in the State Of Michigan for apartment complexes, property owners or any other rental properties providing a residence to deny a lease to people with dogs. Also making it illegal for those same entities to evict people with dogs. This law would be based on the MODERN idea and belief that dogs are an essential, meaningful and sometimes necessary part of many families just as human offspring are. Maybe this would lead to something national.

I have heard of many people who had to give up dogs that they had for years because they had to move to a place that did not allow dogs. I have also seen videos and heard of dogs being giving up…then killed by shelters because their owners chose or were forced to get rid of them.

I think this would help people who genuinely want to keep their dogs and major parts of their families from having to give up and walk away from them. In addition, I think it would help keep our shelter populations of dogs in the state lower. As I said before I think this is something that could be done nationally as well. It is not the 1950’s when dogs were just dogs and pets and nothing more. Like I said they are now a MAJOR and recognized part of families in Michigan, the USA and around the world. Hell, you can even get health insurance for dogs now and states nationwide are passing laws helping dog abuse and abuse to other animals. Besides the fact that the pet supply industry is a multibillion dollar industry.

Estimated number of cats and dogs euthanized by shelters each year:

3-4 million (HSUS estimate)

To prevent dog abuse and other abuses on animals we have to change the way our pets, family members and companions are viewed and treated. Its time to get out of the old fashioned and backward ways when it comes to housing options.  You ever wonder how many people WANT to adopt a dog or a cat and live in a apartment but cant or are to afraid to because of stupid and antiquated rules on dogs in the properties…I bet their is ALLOT.

This is just an idea but I might run with it and get it going later this year. I want to make sure I get it right and worded right so that it has the best possibility of making serious lasting changes in this stupid state…even after i’m gone.


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