JUST FOR MEN…Kiss my A$$

I have issues with Just for Men; you know the dye in a box. They have a new commercial that starts out something like “The last grey haired man just vanished….” Or some shit like that….all because of some dye in box.

I take issues with this, big issues. Why is grey hair a bad things on men (or on women but don’t get me started their). Not everyone wants to look like some punk bitch dude from jersey shore with greasy guido hair or like some dude from a soap opera on daytime TV. What’s wrong with a little grey hair? Shit, what’s wrong with a lot of grey hair?” NOTHING!!!!!!

Last I knew grey hair was distinguished AND some of the supposedly sexist MEN in the world have grey hair. Not everyone wants to look like they are eternally trapped in their 20’s or looking like that little girl Justine Beiber.

I wish had more grey hair but nature is screwing me over my taking my hair away faster than I the greys will come in. I get excited when I find a few more than I had a few weeks ago. Lately I see it more in my beard.

I am offended for all the grey haired men in America, I am offended for distinguished old men or men in their 30’s and 40’s….Hell I’m offended for George Clooney. I am fine with getting older, shit I prefer it the last thing I want is to look like in the words of Bill Nighy “a smug pop star stretched out on Christmas day with a cute bird balancing on their balls”. There is nothing wrong with looking mature and grown up and not like a little kid…there is nothing wrong with looking your AGE if your older.

So Just for Men creators….. stick it up your ASSES not everyone has issues with grey hair, some people like it and like it a lot and don’t feel the need to cover it up with products that make you go bald. I wonder if the makers of Just for Men are the same people that make Rogaine….hmmm….bastards.

In addition, here are just a few people that are grey and completely happy about it and it hasn’t affected them one bit…in fact some of them as I said earlier are supposedly sexy and known for their grey hair.

Patrick Dempsey
Brad pitt
Anderson Cooper…who is not gay…not that it matters but i just found this out
Marko Ramius….advershary
Matt Damon..yup grey hair
george-clooney get more women than guys in there 20’s with no grey
old blue eyes STFU!!!
Bruce Willis…bald but if it was there you know it would be grey

Who know what ill throw in some ladies also just to emphasis the point

more bad ass then most men will ever be
Helen Mirren… arguable one of the sexiest women in Hollywood
Blythe Danner… yea that Gwen paltrows mom

Women and men of the world don’t let the BS american idea of beauty and obsession with looking young fool you into believing there is anything wrong with grey hair

Oh and ladies lay off guys with beards or facial hair not everyone wants to look like prepubescent little boys…NM that’s for another blog….rant.


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