I was thinking about road trips today, the ones I took over the years. Especially when I was younger before GPS units in phones and car existed. There was something pure and adventurous about pouring over a map before you went on a road trip with your family or friends or even during the trip to figure out just where the hell you were if you were lost. Seeing what was on the way between point A and point B and not having it digitized and some creepy voice guiding you on the way.

I wonder how many people under the age of 25 even know how to use a map, let alone read a map. It scares me that there may be some kids that have no idea what a map is since everyone has smart phones and GPS. I love maps, I still use maps when I go on my weekend getaways…it feels like a real trip I guess.

I do not understand the need for GPS really, unless you are going on a long road trip or in a different city, you are unfamiliar with and even I don’t get it, BUY A MAP!!!!. Never mind that antiquated idea that you could just ask questions to locals and maybe find something that isn’t on your damn GPS unit.  I see people with them in their damn cars and SUV’s just driving around the city.

I live in the fricken suburbs why do you need the GPS to go to fucking mall or grocery store or spin class…idiot.  Oh, I know its cuz there might be traffic backups and you need to find a way around right? Oh wait you probably already know the other ways around so you don’t really need the GPS at all.  In all realty its probably so people see that little box on your dashboard and are like “Oh look they have a GPS unit they are so cool and classy”….no their not their just dumb. “How do you I get home from the gas station”…WTF!!!!!

Why do people need GPS units, why do they have this need to be reassured they are going the right way? Who cares if they get lost, sometimes getting lost is fun….I have found and seen lots of cool shit cuz I get lost. I wonder if it has anything to do with many Americans, especially the young ones being told they are NOT wrong ever and not having to have the responsibility of admitting they fucked up and got lost and made a mistake. So by taking the decision making away and making it so all they have to do is plug in the address you are taking away any responsibility in having to make a decision by having a satellite make the decision for you. Basically its ok to be lazy and not be held accountable.

Why do people really need turn-by-turn directions everywhere they go, are people that inept that they can’t get by without it. You people are going to be screwed when there lights go out and people like me that know how to read maps are driving around laughing at you while you sit in your soccer moms and football dads mini vans and SUVS with scared looks on your face cuz your lost even though you are only 5 blocks away from home.

Have an adventure…throw your GPS out the window and learn to navigate with a map. And don’t get me started that these GPS units and satellites track every move you make and store it. Or wear a sign that says “simple minded I get lost easy”


6 thoughts on “GPS!!!!!!!!!!

    1. I dont know what i would prefer the voice of “her” saying recalculating or the wife or girlfriend yelling because you went the wrong way and not paying attention to the map lol

  1. It’s probably saved my parents marriage though. On vacations my mom would navigate, Dad drove. Horrible divorce-threatening rows would break out over a missed exit. Now? They listen to “Gladys” the gps. Sure, she may have led them around a mall 30 times “recalculating” as she attempted to guide the minivan through a wall to get to a Starbucks. But it’s worth the money spent on marriage counselors!

    1. lol yeah it may have its uses, i think the GPS might have been a good thing for my own parents but unfortunately they didn’t exist then. Used one once on a trip to downtown chicago and she recalculated so much i think she gave up…at one point she put me on a one way street going the wrong way…last time i used that lol

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