Sorry and thank you…a post publishing issue



This is not exactly easy for me to say or do, but its bump in the road and I will get past it and come out better. I want to say thank you to anyone who bought my novel Running Northwest on in either format. I want to so thank you to those who downloaded it when it was free on my anniversary weekend and took a chance on reading something new by unknown author. The support, readership, well wishes and advice have been appreciated more then you know.

If you have not read my blog recently a few weeks ago I had too briefly pull both versions (kindle and paperback) in order to fix some editing errors with the prologue, which readers and people who purchased the book told about me. Well…since then several people have brought even far more errors in grammar and punctuation to my attention in the last 2 weeks. I know that even the best writers have errors in the editing of their novels and writings. These however in Running Northwest are so consistent and frequent and run the ENITRE length of the book that in all honesty its embarrassing to me.  This last week has been tough and I am glad I have not had classes at GVSU or I might flip out. I have been walking a fine line between anger, humiliation, determination and frustration trying to figure out the just what the fuck I should do. Should I pull the book; both versions completely until the errors in the entire book are fixed, gone over and re-edited, pull just one at a time or beat the hell out of someone….I have been racking my brain.

And I feel like shit as a writer, people that consider me a friend spend money on this book that I busted my ass to finish and write what I think is a good story. Then they are met with errors that should have never been there given the time allowed to edit the book.

Being a self-published author is NOT easy and is an upward battle as writer, author and in the industry as a whole. We self-published or Indie authors are still finding a battle of legitimacy when it comes to our writings, our ideas, our work and the quality of all of it. Things like this, errors, mistakes and oversights in editing do not help that legitimacy or my career as an author or others. It makes me look bad, and others involved in this book look bad.

Therefore, I am pulling the Kindle version tonight around midnight and it will not be back up until it is fixed and edited properly. I have no idea how long that process will take I am estimating a month at least. As the author and writer, I should have noticed these things, these errors before I published the 2 versions. My trust may have been a little misplaced and my patience was a little lax when it came to the editing process, I accepted far too many excuses and believed what I was told by someone….but it is the way it is and I learned a great lesson that I will carry on to future writings.

I will leave the paperback (1st edition) up for awhile at a lowered price in case anyone really wants to buy it despite the errors. I am sorry about this and I am more upset…embarrassed even….over this situation than you can possible know. I do not feel right selling a book that is in a half ass state especially after how long it took to right and put out.

The thing that really sucks is since I have to go and re-edit or have Running Northwest re-edited I will not be able to focus as much time as I wanted for a portion of this summer on writing my next novel “Ashes on the Water”. The first-born must be taken care of first before other creations are worked on. I let Running Northwest out into in the world as proud creator does and it was not ready yet so now I have to bring it back home and prepare it a little better….shit happens….at least it didn’t knock someone up or end up in jail.

To anyone who may have bought it or downloaded it for free Id still love to hear what you think about the story and thoughts on it, what you liked and did not like. Again thank you very much and I’m deeply sorry about this….see you on a better beginning.


8 thoughts on “Sorry and thank you…a post publishing issue

  1. I feel for you, especially as proofing is usually carried out by someone other than the author and as you say there has to be trust in that relationship. To be honest I’m disappointed that some readers have focussed so much on the errors and not on the story. I don’t think I have ever read a book that is completely free of errors. It appears that some readers have devoted a lot of time to identify errors and point these out to you. Perhaps you could ask several of these attentive readers to undertake the proofing for you.

    1. The things is is that many of the people that have pointed out errors have seemed to really like and enjoyed the story and the characters a lot so that’s nice. I suppose me just being me worry more about the needless errors getting fixed. The support I’ve gotten has been really great so far.

  2. I agree with the previous comment. Don’t be so hard on yourself. It’s a tough business trying to make it as a writer and the smart way to go is focus on the positives.

  3. I’m sorry that happen to you. But don’t beat yourself up over it. It happens. It’s unfortunate, yes, but it happens. It’s really hard to proofread our own work because the story is in our head, and that’s why it’s so important to have an outsider read it and spot the grammar errors for us. I’m great at finding errors when I read a story, and that’s why I proofread for others and help them out, but I need help from others to find my own mistakes. I’m extremely embarrassed when they find misspellings and such, but it is what it is. Unfortunately, it’s also hard to find people who are good at spotting mistakes, and sometimes they may not see something that’s so obvious one cannot believe someone let that go.
    My advise: for the next book, get more than one person to read it and find grammar and spelling errors. After they read it and you edit it, send it back to them.
    For this book, if I were you, I’d pull out both versions to be edited. I don’t know, but that’s my opinion. And maybe, to the people who already bought the book, you can offer to send the revised one to them for free (the kindle version, I wouldn’t send printed versions free) or offer them a special discount on the next book. But that’s my opinion, of course. You should go with what you feel comfortable and also what’s reasonable to you.
    And again, don’t beat yourself up over it. It’s done. You’re fixing it. No reason suffering over it. Although I have to say you did gain a lot of points in my book for recognizing a mistake and for your willingness to fix the situation.
    I do not have the book yet, but I’ll be glad to purchase one as soon as the new edition is ready.

    1. yeah i’ve learned allot so far just on this one. I had a few people read portions of it early on but told them to ignore grammar issues and worry about the story since that was my main concern and I THOUGHT the editing issues with grammar and such would get fixed at the end…i was wrong apparently lol. I totally agree with not being able to see errors in our own writing ourselves, its just so frustrating.

      I am going to pull the paper back version also, the kindle version is down now. i’m leaving the print version up a bit longer because a few close friends and family want to get it and read it in the printed format just because i wrote it BUT knowing the issues with it now.

      In the end i know it will all work out an Im sure there is some sort of reason for all this going that I will figure down the road. But thank you very much for kind words and advice I appreciate it very much

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