All things look better in retrospect…horsecrap!

Be warned occasional foul words ahead

We as humans are never perfect and sometimes our eyes and minds do not see what is really there. Even authors like myself fail to see the obvious sometimes in our own writings. Sometimes despite editors, proofreaders and countless hours, days and months and occasionally years of proofing…errors still happen in the final product even after it has been published. And that is the case with me…with my novel Running Northwest that was published on the 29th of march 2012…mistakes. Mistakes in the editing of the book…mistakes caused ONLY by me.  I could be a complete ass and say it is my editor Kate’s fault I’m sure other authors have blamed their editors for the “issues” in the post-edited and published version of something they wrote. However, in this I will not, I cannot for these errors I am the only one to blame.

Over the years, I have read many books and found little editorial errors in them (which is sad since my grammar skills suck sometimes…usually). In addition, these were books published by the all mighty Random House, Doubleday books, HarperCollins and the likes of them…They are THE CREAM OF THE CROP!!!. So no publisher is perfect just as no writer and editor is perfect and mistakes happen. I suppose I’m lucky that my mistakes happened earlier in my career as an author and writer then later when I can lay the blame on my learning process of how this whole thing works.

My issues are mainly with the prologue at the beginning of my novel. It was a part I added last minute as she (my editor Kate) was editing and formatting and hard at work doing so. I in all my idiocy told her “oh yea its fine, it’s great, it’s been gone over already so just format it”…well now that it has been published and is available to buy on Amazon for Kindle and paperback, errors have been brought to my attention. I thought it was jut one or two minor errors that I could look past…turns out its more then a few…bloody fuckin hell.

So as I was gearing up towards a (in my mind a big 30 days anniversary sale on Amazon) I’m wondering what to do. I do not want that version out there longer then it has to be and I want the errors fixed, they need to be fixed, I am trying my best to be professional about this for god sakes. YES I could let it go and say “meh screw it” but now after I see the errors small as they are I can’t in good conscience do that and feel good about any more people paying good money for it. (THE STORY IS STILL AMAZING JUST READ THE REVIEWS) So I don’t know what do to do for sure. My paperback version is technically a large print version. Plans are already in the works between me and my cover designer victor to in July I believe, release a new version of the book, in the normal paperback size like you would find anywhere that sells books. It’s the typical size, so that would be perhaps the 2nd edition I guess. I guess this will give a chance at fixing the errors in the print version. (It is funny even as I am writing this I am weighing all my options and figuring this out). I heard John Grisham had the same issue with his first edition of his first book.

When you self publish these are the things that come up i imagine. I would assume that I am not the first self published author to have made mistakes so I am trying not to kick myself too hard in the ass for it.

Ill probably have to do a quick resubmit of the edited kindle version. I hope that it can be fixed and switched and re submitted in time for my weekend sale. So we shall see…..

Things rarely go as planned I have learned this much in life. I have learned what really matters is how you recover and learn from the mistakes and fuckups that you make. That is what really tests your mettle.

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2 thoughts on “All things look better in retrospect…horsecrap!

  1. as a self-published author we have to walk our own learning path barefoot. the learning that the publisher/editor/proofreader has already had in their particular domains comes to us only through mistakes… having to join the dots (the mistakes) to get to the destination.

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