Published and still learning and working at it

I needed to take a few minutes and write something non-school related. So it has been nearly a month since my first novel Running Northwest was published, sales have been slow for many reason. I knew as a first time author that it was going to be a battle upwards. As the weeks have worn on, I realized there are a few things I did not do enough homework on or at all. I was so focused on just getting the final product done, to get it to be and look the best I thought it could look with help from others that I neglected things. I was short on my marketing and still am. I did not create enough buzz around Running Northwest beyond my group of peers, blogs, twitter and Facebook I tried to go outside the lines on things but I did not do that enough. Who am I to someone who does not know me so why the hell should they read a novel, a pseudo romance novel written by a dude who isn’t famous.

I am not an established author; I am not an author yet that people are like “shit I gotta go get the new Michael Melville book” if those people even exist and I do not know that I will ever get to that point. With college, it is hard to devote as much time toward advertising and marketing as I would like. So as my winter semester ends and I’m taking a lighter load on summer classes I’m hoping to put more time into marketing and advertising my book. Like I said, sales have been slow but the few reviews I have gotten have been wonderful to read on my Amazon page and Facebook page.

The thing is, is that I’m still learning all of this, still learning my way through this there isn’t a road map that tells you what to do conclusively to get your massive novel read and people to notice it much less buy it.  I am going through blog after blog and reading all kinds of varying advice and it’s just a lot to take in since I don’t know what’s right for my particular book. It is frustrating as hell. Word of mouth advertising is huge but people have to read it in order word of mouth it. I’m sure 3, 4 or 6 months from now things will be a different story so I’m trying to be patient as I can. However, I know there is a lot of work to do that I am still trying to learn to do. I totally appreciate the love and support from friends and family over the book so far them helping to drive up awareness.

I am going to run some sales in 8 days for the big 30-day anniversary of my book being published so maybe that will help…maybe. So keep an eye out if you do not have the books already.

8 thoughts on “Published and still learning and working at it

  1. Hi Mike,
    I’ve been thinking going self-publishing for about an year. But then a seasoned professional tried sorting out some things to me.
    Advertising, Marketing, distribution et al of the book are such focussed and evolved functions nowadays, they take a hell lot of a time. Doesn’t that amount to a huge digression from writing? As a writer, I decided let the publisher make good money on you the first project. Focus on writing and let the publisher get your name around. What came across to me was that it’s a choice to be made between – making money out of the project vis-a-vis getting a better reach for your project riding the distribution network of the publisher!

    I loved your post Myikkee (thats how i am pronouncing it)

    My Wishes – Have a wonderful time joining the dots

  2. I really dig the way you are so honest and candid about your experience. Your honesty led me directly to Amazon’s site to check out your book and the reviews. I too have a new book coming out (two actually), and I am undecided on self-publishing the second book (the first book I decided on conventional publishing). Long story short, I am downloading a copy of your book in support of your endeavors – I really do dig your humble honesty man!

    1. hey thanks I appreciate that very much you have no idea. As far as publishing it after fighting with literary agents who are the evil gate keepers from hell in many cases for the publishers i went the route of self publishing. I used KDP for the eBook and create space for the paperback version food for thought for your own endeavors. This whole process of getting it ready to publish one way or the other for the last year has been tough so I dont see the point in sugar coating it lol. I think self publishing is like starting your own business and it just takes a lot of work…coffee shops were easier i think lol..Well when your novel is out i will gladly return the favor for sure im following you so keep us updated. Can I ask what yours is about.

      1. My first is a crime fiction novel, and the second is non fiction paranormal. The upside to conventional publishing is it freed my time to begin my second book almost immediately, the downside is I will end up (as a new author) will a pittance compared to the self-publishing route. I agree, it is like another full time job. I would rather be writing!

      2. you know on the money issue its up and down, my sales are slow right now damn slow as I said in the blog. I think it really depends on a lot of factors when it comes to the money you make self publishing. I have read about some indie authors that do quite well and some that are (like me) and struggling. The income in theory is great or could..supposedly, but i think whats most important is good reviews. Its nice to see the money you make from sales when you check the screen but personally right now I’m more interested getting good reviews from those who felt my book might be worth buying..the fact that they did means a lot to me since there are hundreds of thousands of other authors out there going after the same dream as you and I

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