Good book and dirty looks

About a week ago, I published my first novel called Running Northwest. After being shot down from a few publishers and lit agents, I decided to go the route of self-publishing. I published it at first on using their KDP self-publishing service. Then used Create space, which is also part of Amazon to publish and produce the paperback version.  When it first went up on as a kindle eBook, I was excited…but something was just not feeling right. As with many other things on the internet, it did not feel very…tangible. The mammoth size of the pre-published, pre-edited version of the manuscript was the closest I have had to tangible and real.

I had to wait for my proof copy of Running Northwest to come in the mail so I could check it over before making it available. After days of waiting, I came home one night to find a box sitting on my counter from Createspace. I knew what it was by looking at the label and the size. I made dinner, played on phone, smoked and dicked around on my laptop all the while glancing over to the book in the box. I would look at it curiously, then annoyingly then questioning it and even shot some dirty looks at it….I have no idea why so don’t ask.  I let it sit there for almost 2 hours before even touching it.

Eventually I grabbed and opened it, pulled the smooth sleek light colored book out that was larger than I thought it would and again just looked at it, starring at it. I picked it up then began going through it, looking at it page by page, looking at the print, the acknowledgements, examining the front and back covers, my picture and checking for errors as best I could and just taking it in. To have this book, that I wrote over a few years and with the help of others put together right in front of me was weird, a little unbelievable.

It was then and only then that I felt like I accomplished something, that my book, my first published book, that I wrote was real that what I had been working on for what felt forever really happened and not some cute  “dream” that never happens.

Things are still coming together for it; I am still working through this whole process of “post publishing” which is just as much work as writing the novel. I am trying to advertise or rather figure what the best road would be for my “little” book and me. I have only sold a few copes of the eBook and paperback version. I knew it would be an uphill climb; I did not expect hundred of sales the first day and have been perfectly realistic about the whole thing.

Its good book, a nice story the few people that have read it seem to be really enjoying it so far which makes me happy. But more than anything, I am proud of it, proud my accomplishment that a few years from now some will forget about probably…but I won’t. I would say my “little” novel is just as compelling and interesting as many others out there and even more so then some…and I do not feel bad about saying that.

and just in case your interested….


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