My book, an old woman and reasons for being grateful

So it’s been a crappy last few days, the publishing of my novel Running Northwest not included in that, just personal stuff mostly. Anyways after taking my dog Harley for a nice walk at the park and six trips around the little lake there, I dropped her off at the apartment and fed her. After that was all said and done I went up to the truck stop to have coffee and do some home work where I normally go to do stuff like that (yes the same one referred to in my acknowledgements at the beginning of my novel.  Friday night I sent out a bunch of emails announcing that my book was finally published.

At the truck stop there is this little old woman that comes in there, she has for years and I knew of her for a long time even before we started talking, her name is Margie.  For a long time she would sit and read books, listen to cd’s, smoke, drink coffee and whatnot and not really talk to anyone. Eventually she upgraded to a laptop and with my help an iPod (not that I’m an apple fan but lets be honest iPod are pretty easy to use especially for old people) which she picked up on faster than I thought she would. We say hi and smoke together outside once in awhile now, chit chat, she asks me how school is going and the writing and I help her on occasion with computer related stuff since she is a little older about 70. She’s a very sweet women and just sits and streams TV shows and movies and sits there for hours and hours drinking and eating and you can count on her falling asleep on her laptop at least once a night. However, like a I said she’s a very sweet lady and in some ways reminds me of one of my dead grandmas.

Tonight I walked in, see her, and smile and do my “cool mike” half wave determined to get to work as quickly as I can. Margie starts waving her arms in the air and says “Michael, get your butt over here” in her gruff voice. I was like “umm…ok what’s up Margie” when Margie gets like that you cannot ignore her…it is just not possible…the old lady will hunt you down.

Turns out, she got my email (did not realize I sent one to her) and bought my book today on and then she started saying how proud she was and congratulating me. Then she began telling me she was 3 chapters in and loves it so far and really enjoyed the acknowledgements at the beginning and thought it was cool that I stuck to who I am when I wrote it like I did and put it in. She wished it wasnt a digital copy so I could sign it, to which I told her the paperback was coming out later this coming week. SO now, she wants to buy that also just so I can sign it….sweet lady.

Its little things like this that makes me happy as a newly published writer, not just that she was happy for me since she knows how hard I have been working on Running Northwest but that she really liked it as far as she has read. It was a nice way to end the day…..and then I downloaded the kindle program onto her laptop so she did not have to read it from her iPod unless she wanted too.


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