Me, My novel and the facebook relationship

So I am in process of making a Facebook fan page for me. Not because I am a pretentious bastard but because my book Running Northwest is coming out on march 30th. I have been reading up on marketing eBooks as a self-published author and this was a good free way to connect and interact with fans…which I hope that I will have at some point in time. It will also allow me to advertise my book in a way on social media.

So in the next few days I will be making my Facebook Fan page active and if you could “follow” me or “like” it and tell your friends about my book if you read it or think they should I would be incredible grateful. I am also doing this so I do not have ass tons of people I do not see or talk too regularly trying to “friend” my regular personal Facebook page. As time goes on I will be adding more things and information to the fan page as far this novel and the next and announce offers, sales and giveaways Therefore, search for me under Michael Melville, the title of my book is the cover picture. Or you can follow me on twitter at!/Myoregoncoast98

Thanks again



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