A busy week…a busy few of them

So in a few week my first novel “Running Northwest” will be coming out and available on through Amazon.com in two version. I spent the past few weeks hammering out details and getting things organized for its release with far more yet I have to do in addition to my work for school.

Today I uploaded a test version of the book, as it would look as an eBook such as a Kindle and how it would look on a kindle fire for example and also as a printed version. To see what it would look as a real book, my words in that format where anyone who is willing to pay the pittance I am asking for it to read it is surreal to say the least.

To steal a line from a movie like “It’s surreal but nice”.

It’s weird to think that something I have been working on for a few years and keeping somewhat to myself except for the last year will be out there….for everyone to see. I was not nervous, but I am now for many reasons. Its finally feeling real, like it’s going to actually happen and not some fun thing to just talk about. Especially since when I first started writing the book I never thought or intended it to be published never thought it could be or would be and gave the middle finger to the major publishing industry and the bullshit that binds them together along the way.

I am not famous, I am not an ex athlete, only a few people really know me that well at all. I’m just a guy who thinks he might have wrote a story worthy of peoples time and money and hoping they find in interesting.

The final touches by artist Joe DeCommer  (www.decommer.com) on the cover art are nearly done and last I saw, it’s going to be really impressive. The cover design and layout by Victor is coming along well and nearly everything is in place. My editor Kate is doing a great job of cleaning me up for the world even though I know I frustrate her to know end. I am working on the advertising and trying to figure out what I should and should not do as far as marketing since I am new to this whole being a published author thing. It reminds me of my old coffee shops, buying them, growing them learning that business and the ups and downs.

I am on spring break this week and being far less productive then I wanted to be on it, no one’s fault but my own on that really.  However, some things feel like a constant battle that is getting old quick and it’s hard to explain why really especially when they should not be. Classes start back next Monday then it is the home stretch and 6 more weeks left not counting finals till the end of the semester. I am stressed about many things, some that I can control and some that I cannot and are completely out of my hands but its good I guess, too have something to stress about rather than having nothing to stress about at all and to be aimless.

Sometimes in all of this, I feel a little lost though…just with everything. Not as excited about one thing because I am stressing about other things, other people and getting everything done. I have been waiting a bit now for this story to be published and it seems like I’m having a hard time enjoying my own personal moment of earned glory because of………….well allot of things.


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