2 types of sports fans

Ok I like me some sports most people that know me know that. They know that I like football, baseball, hockey, curling and a few others marginally…and people know that I hate basketball…it disgusts and annoys me all at the same time.

Now we as sports fans come in two types I think, Type 1 and Type 2.

Type 1 is the type that gets excited, cheers along sort of and just enjoys the game in a way that is slightly more than passive. We keep up on news, certain players, and what our favorite teams are doing and how they are doing. We just enjoy it because we like it but our fucking lives do no depend or revolve around it, watching the sport, being a fan just makes us happy and it is something we do in our spare time. A win by a team we like IS NOT that culmination of our life and the best thing to ever happen to us….unless its a championship game and then its a big deal….like when the Detroit lions win the Superbowl this year.

Type 2 sports fan….is the fan that constantly annoys me and pisses me off. They are the type that lives breathes and dreams of a certain team, teams or athletes. This is the type of fan that has nothing going on with or in their own life and has to live vicariously through one or many sports teams. Maybe it has something to do with all those unfulfilled goals and lost dreams I don’t know.

One thing Type 2 does that annoys the shit out me (much as my bad grammar annoys people) is when they are talking about “their” team and a win they had and talking to another sports fan. When they do one of these, “WE beat you so bad, WE kicked your ass”. I am picking on University of Michigan fans right now because I see them do it a lot especially in basketball this year since it seems the fan base is generally a bunch of under achievers with complexes, One girl I know who inspired this blog is horrible and does this all the time. Michigan State fans are bad also with their preeny “I like state to be trendy and try and be different cuz everyone is a Michigan fan”.  It is not just one fan base it is all, they all have annoying window lickers for fans.

It annoys me with pro sports also not just college sports.  College sports in general are waste of time and annoy me in general.  When I hear these dumbass fans go off like they had something to do at all with “their” teams win. When I hear some dumb bitch of a kid with little blue M’s, S’s or whatever painted on their cheeks saying “WE kicked your Asses, WE beat your asses, WE are gunna win it all this year” it pisses me off. SO to them I say this:

Listen fucker, there is no WE, you’re not in college, you’re NOT on the team and you forget you were never athletic enough to actually play that sport. You were watching that fucking game from your GD couch with a bag of chips on your lap or from some stool at some bar with a beer in front of you. YOU had no affect on the team winning or losing and the team themselves probably could give two shitty fucks if you were at the game or watching on TV”. “YOU ARE not part of something other than your couch and the unchewed food on your shirt that didn’t make it into your mouth. YOU are not on the team, you NEVER were and NEVER will be so stop acting you are a part of the team and have anything to do with the team and their win other than being some D-bag loud mouth fan so shut fuck up and enjoy your game. Until you get out on the court, field, rink, track or whatever you are not part of a team let alone the one you are watching so stop acting as though you are and had anything to do with it”

That would be like me being excited about the USA beating Japan in WW2 cuz my grandpa fought in it and acting like I had something to do with that war being won even though it was decades before I was born.

Stop trying to live variously through a sports team to cover up your own failings at life, stop clogging the streets of Portland Oregon with your unwashed masses and occupying a park bench to make a change that never will happen. Stop wearing sports jerseys in public you look dumb. Stop painting your GD face for a game and pull up your fucking pants and dress like a grown up. Moreover, stop nit picking my grammar this is blog that I do for fun so I do not care. And stop beating your kids, wife and girl friend because the GD Knicks or bears lost….

And I really hope you’re not one of those wack job parents that live your kids when it comes to sports and annoys the hell out of the world but that’s a whole other blog.

I cannot be the only person who gets pissed and annoyed about this sort of thing. Even way back in high school I thought “team spirit” reminded me of some giant circle jerk and wanted no part of its insanity.

I swear sometimes deal with it….


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