USA Today and romance literature

In the Valentine’s Day issue of USA Today they asked a question which was “why do we need romance novels”. They had a few published authors voice their opinion, some I found interesting, and some not at all. So since my novel coming out next month is considered part of the romantic genre of literature I thought I would voice my opinion on the subject of romance and romance writing and why it’s needed, and why it’s still relevant. Keep in mind I am not famous and no one knows me from my writing (except my blogs) so I am just a normal (I’d like to think) 33 year old guy who doesn’t think the “L” word is something dirty and unmanly.

(here is the original article)

I think, in all reality the reason most people are drawn to romantic literature and even films that are often based off novels is…Hope. Hope that there is more out there somewhere; hope that somewhere there is someone who feels the same as they do or at least understands. Hope that all their dreams, wishes, and desires they talk about or keep hidden are for nothing. That the things that go around in their heads and hearts are not just little bits of pointless insanity. That no matter what their individual situation is, or lifestyle or situation in life is that there is a bigger reason and an unseen goal and ending to what they are feeling or missing.

Some people, like me to a certain degree forget or forgot what love is, what it means, what it feels like we can’t remember how do the things that we used to in relationships. Sometimes it is because of heart breaks in the past and sometimes is just because someone has been alone so long they forget. I am all guy and an ass kicking male of massive size and even I have had my moments of doubt when it comes to love, romance…always will I think, in streaks. Love and romance can be lost, and it helps to see it right there even in writing, it helps you believe in the thing that at times is unbelievable.

Another reason I think people enjoy the romance genre is because of the world we live in now that is hard and edgy and tough. Feelings, intense feelings have become a sort of impracticality to the world. We are told that our decisions have to be based on fact, that our feelings and thoughts have to be based on fact, realistic things. We are also told that are gut, the inner voice has no place because it is not rational, not intelligent. The romance genera reminds of us the things we feel but often are not allowed to show. It’s the wrong type of sexy is some people’s eyes, it’s not the flashy stuff we see on TV.

The Romance genre is escapist art of course, taking us away to a place that is better than the lives some are currently living. I could be totally talking out of my ass here, but maybe not.


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