The next one begins….slowly

So I’m beginning to get things going for writing the next book, I’ve done most of the  apparently “responsible” author things like outlines and character sketches and things like that that I didn’t do much of or right away on the last one which turned pretty damn good. In all honestly I’ve already started writing the new one, but issues remain. I KNOW more or less exactly, how I want this book to be laid out, the details I want in it and the storyline and underlying theme or ideas, the emotions. This is going to be a tricky bit of writing I think and will involve multiple flashbacks and multiple points of view and recollections both human and non-human.

I am going to be using as most writers do experiences from my own past, places I have been too, aspects of situations I have been through for my characters in this newest novel for insperation. The issue I’m having that is monstrously frustrating for me is that some the events and things I’m using as inspiration or want to use, happened over a decade ago…and I’m older and I know I’m not remembering them as well as need, want or can….I know there is more there than what I can remember. I do not have any pics from this particular time and just my memories, which are vague and mysterious to me now.

Now the best thing would be for me to repeat or rather relive these events, as best as possible…but that is not in the cards any time soon. I wish in times like this I knew someone who could legitimately hypnotize me so I can recall these things better than I am able too. I know how the human brain works and I know they are still there somewhere. I do not want to take 3 years to write this next novel like it took me to write the last one….

…so for now I sit frustrated and reading a Russian novel for class


4 thoughts on “The next one begins….slowly

  1. this is good news

    I still have to read your first novel

    a damn shame that I moved south when I did

    I had to crack up at your earlier post from late last year about kids peer reviewing your papers in class….I posted my experience with that on that post.

    all in all…a very excellent blog, my friend

    see you around, Eisenhower

    1. it comes out the end of next month for now only available as an ebook or print on demand….i hope you read it….fuck i hope someone reads it lol…even if they they its shit at least they took the time to read it

    1. well thanks I dont know about it being creative as a whole but i try. And yes I will for sure look over your poetry i love reading other peoples stuff.

      Just dont get too caught up on what i say. write for you and be dammed what others think. Thanks for following me Nikash i look forward to future blogs

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