The bathroom chronicles

Some people will not blog about certain things…they feel they are to personal or private and that it crosses some sort of line. Fortunately, I am not one of those type of people…

So that being said tonight I went to a certain 24 hour establishment to get some coffee and try and do some writing on the next novel…or at the very least work on the publishing effort for the one that is finished. Anyways I go into the bathroom to…well…use the bathroom and yadda yadda yadda. Well lo and behold there is no Toilet Paper just when I need it the most. Therefore, I sit and think, since well…I had a lack of options to do anything else to get me out of this predicament.

I had my cell phone and since I come to this place often, I have the number in my phone. So I called and talked to a friend of mine (the Cuban) who works there who discreetly brought me some TP. Now for someone else this situation could have turned horribly awkward for everyone.

So now I wonder what I would have done without my cell phone,…technology can be a bane sometimes but in this case it saved my ass…literally


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