Birthday Socks


My birthday was yesterday, I turned the ripe old age of 33. Last night I thought about the birthday card I got from my mom in mail on Saturday that came from Florida and it made me think about birthdays of years past…well at least the ones I can remember.

The card my mom sent me had a very thoughtful amount of cash inside ( how much I will not say). The card was very sweet and I was impressed mom used one of hallmark postage paid envelopes for reason I do not understand other than it being very sensible. My mom usually sends me the sappier birthday cards between my two parents. However sometimes dad does get me the more emotionally gut wrenching cards with something sentimental written inside. Dad is not an outwardly emotional person but manages to express things in words quite well. Maybe in another life or world dad would have been a writer like me, maybe he used to like write and never took it up…..either way its sweet.

Opening the card my mom sent me and seeing the green bills inside was a sweet sentiment  by dear old mom. NOW this is how I can tell I am getting old, smarter with my money (or try to be) and realistic about things.

– I was 6-8 I would use birthday money to buy candy or models (the kind you put together back when making models was still cool) usually planes.

i had this was not nearly as well done lol


-When I was 10 or so back in the 1980’s I would use birthday money to buy video games for my NES (Nintendo entertainment system or my Atari before that) or I would by comics back when comics were still cool to buy. Or candy, or baseball and football cards of which I was convinced would be worth money someday….I still have most and most are worth nothing.

so old school


-When I was an early teenager around 12 or 13 I would buy art supplies since I fancied myself as an artist…I was deluded and in the words of Banky Edwards from the Kevin Smith movie Chasing Amy “you’re a mother F%^King tracer”.

Banky on the right


-When I was in my mid to late teens when I did get cash for birthdays I usually spent it on coffee, girlfriends and going to movies with my friends at the old studio 28 and food with my friends (back when going to movies for fun with your friends was still cool)

somewhat recent after the theater closed

studio 28 back in the early 80's


-When I was in my early to mid 20’s for part of which I was married and lived out west….well I cannot remember exactly but I assume coffee was involved since I lived in coffee shops long before it was the normal thing to do…back when it was still interesting and unique and not pretentious to hang out in some seedy coffee shop. Perhaps drinking with friends sometimes also. However, coffee shops made me mildly successful so I cannot bitch. And when I was married my ex crystal took the money generally and did who the fuck knows with it…she was a spiteful leper of a women.

Now as I get older the things I used to do with birthday money are not the things I would do now. This year I bought cigarettes and coffee…yes. Then supplies for college, socks and put some gas in my car and a dog bone for Harley that I seemed to have lost so I have not told her about it yet.


I did nothing special with it and to a large degree bought necessities and not frivolous things and nothing…well fun with it. I am sure some people would argue that cigarettes and coffee are not necessities and to that I would say you do not know me very well because if you did you would know better than to say something so stupid. At this point in my life, I try to be somewhat of a realist with things. I told my mom I bought socks with it….this made her happy since she knows I rarely will buy such things but always need socks and the school supplies made her happy also. I could have done a few things with it, I could have gambled it away at the casino, went drinking, or bought lots of candy but no…I bought socks…and bought dad coffee on my birthday….


2 thoughts on “Birthday Socks

  1. Great post and very interesting to go back with you in time to birthdays past. Happy Birthday! I hope you find the bone 🙂

    Tall person says that socks are a good choice and yes they do keep moms happy 🙂

    1. Thanks lol yeah harley hopes i find the bone also. I have found the older I get the colder my feet get….i enjoy the wisdom that comes with age but my toes and fingers miss the younger days.

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