Strange (but cute) Dog in my car…

I am not always a bad guy, sometimes on the rare occasion I do actually do very nice things….for dogs. And if it makes the humans happy than ok…buts its less than secondary.

Tonight I came up to the truck stop that I do a majority of my writing and homework (and coffee drinking at since this town lacks any late night coffee shops currently that serve good coffee and are not filled with fucking scensters and hipster kids) in the colder times of the year. When I walked along the sidewalk there was a whole pile of someone’s belongings….in front of it was a tiny little dog laying on some blankets…I was WTF.

In my mind I was fucking A great another damn hippy SOB and his poor dog he drags around with him feeding him scraps while he rocks the weed, doesn’t shower and bitches about politics ITS too stupid to understand.  However, I was wrong it was not a dirty damn hippy. Now keep in mind its about 30-35 degrees out right now in Michigan where I currently am.  I began petting the little dog who seemed cool with it and I looked around to see if I could find its owner. A few minutes later this fat old troll of a women walks (whose was nice enough) and starts talking to me. Apparently her and husband were truckers for some local company and the company let them and a few other people go and their car is a few counties away. NOW that whole thing MAY or May not be true….it really is not my issue and I could care less.  I found out they have been here since 2 or so…..I got there at 6:30… that dog was sitting out there all that time alone…..FUCKING DOUCHEBAGS!!!!!

HOWEVER I saw no reason for this poor little dog to be sitting on the ground…in the cold…blanket or not….thank god it was not snowing or I would probably kill those people if they pulled the same thing.

So me being me and preferring dogs over people, I offered to let their dog sit in my car for the several hours I was going to be there getting ready for exams and doing some writing . I figured why the hell not, if it was a kid…well…probably not since the kid could come inside. But the dog (as you will see from the pics) is a tiny little guy whose name is gizmo and is surely not suited for being outside in this cold of weather.

I have no idea what they did after I left; they told me that a ride was half an hour away. I hope they do not let gizmo sit outside…..or I might end up calling animal control myself just so he is somewhere warm and safe and not sitting alone outside the truck stop….like a dirty prostitute. I really don’t want to do that since they seem to like the dog as I sit here see them eat fries, play keno and do scratch off tickets…….One more reason why I hate people. But at least this little dude is warm and comfy for a few hours and not laying on the cold cement alone.

So yes….I do have somewhat of a soul


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