Ace…the Pitt Bull…AKA the city of Detroit hates all dogs

This dog..his name is ACE was needlessly killed by the city of Detroit after literally doing nothing wrong. This poor guy suffered before he died at the expense of vague shitty laws and a pathetic city government.


Ace was found behind an ACE hardware Store in Detroit Michigan hence the name ACE. Ace was sick, half starved and scared. Instead of letting him be rescued by one of 100’s of legit organizations nationwide that specialize in dogs of this breed and situation the city of Detroit chose to KILL HIM, choosing politics over saving a dogs life. A dog by the way who never hurt anyone and never did anything wrong other than being a pitt bull. He was a dog whose ghetto ass shitty owners didn’t give a shit and let him go and still have not came forward even to save his life when it still could have been saved. Shame on these people, shame on the weak ass city of Detroit. Your city and government is a pit of hell the rest of the state of michigan would like to forget about and wishes would just go away.


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